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Comment an uncommon word & it's definition


Meaning "composed of both good & evil"

Lancer 7 Dec 20

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Two distinctly different meanings. It can be a philosophical or theological point proposed for disputation and also the disputation on such a point. Second meaning is any combination of melodies or texts. In the musical form, the melodies are often done as counterpoint. Fun to write that stuff.


Defenestrate: throw (someone) out of a window.

Backpfeifengesicht: German, popular translation: a face in need of a slap.

I like that German one ????????


thaumaturgy: the working of wonders or miracles; magic


"argle-bargle" - copious , but meaningless talk or writing.

(Fits our White House resident perfectly methinks !)


rabbet: A very basic woodworking joint for box building, the rabbet joint is an improvement over the butt joint for strength. It adds extra gluing surface and protects against racking.


acrimonious, ac·ri·MO·ni·ous, (typically of speech or a debate) angry and bitter. "an acrimonious dispute about wages";
synonyms: bitter, angry, rancorous, caustic, acerbic, scathing, sarcastic, acid, harsh, sharp, cutting;


Stob n.
noun SCOTTISH US dialect
a broken branch or a stump.
a stake used for fencing.


fuckackta-I think you can guess definition (Yiddish)


Like Captain Kirk in that Star Trek episode?

godef Level 7 Dec 20, 2017
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