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Christian Nation or Asshole Nation?

Is America a Christian Nation? Or is it an Asshole Nation

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Maya405 7 Dec 20

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What's this talk about donkey holes ? Please enlighten me 🙂

You know, i keep wondering about it too.


You omitted the obvious fourth option: that both propositions are true. (Not saying they are, necessarily.)


Greedy and racist nation

Or a nation ruled by Greedy and Racist people.

When we become governed by hippocrytes who claim Christianity and choose wealth and nationalism as a mantra, we the people, not I per se, voted them into office, we become a nation of greed and racism and it grows as out moron of the united states does not condemn them but encourages


Just because we seem to have more than our share of assholes, I don't think the art of assholery is limited to believers or unbelievers. I've seen folks on both sides of that fence do some pretty stinky things. I haven't seen any polls that indicate which group is engaged in more assholey things. I have my suspicions, but no evidence.

A true Agnostic.


Look up the definition of "fundament" in the dictionary. You will see the connection between fundamentalist Christian and asshole.

Thank you for this info. I didn't know that.


Many peole are so called christions

Yes, some are named that way.


Well, America was founded as a secular nation that happens to have a Christian majority. In the current government, they seem to be trying to turn it into a Christian nation, despite it being against everything the Constitution stands for.

Yes, so contradictory, and it's still going on.


Define christian and define asshole and you will come to the conclusion is the same Deplorable Nation.

An 'Asshole Christian Nation', then?


None of the above. There are certainly more than two population groups in the US. Don't forget about the awesomes, the jerks, the oddly euphoric, the shut-ins, the riff-raff, the wonderfuls...

In my opinion, the phrase, "Christian Nation" needs to be taken out behind the woodshed and put down. It's a fairly recent surge, and it's all about political power. Why not be a democratic nation, or industrious nation? Probably because those phrases don't divide people, and just might give everyone hope instead of a select few.

Indeed, 'because those phrases don't divide people, and just might give everyone hope instead of a select few.'




@Maya405 There are assholes in every group. I think both of these groups are in the minority.


We're a nation working towards equality. I'm going to stay out of helping others from other countries. Billionaire presidents and kings should be accountable for their nations poverty.

Well said, @BucketlistBob.
I wish more people were saying that about presidents and kings.


I just saw this on FB and cringed.

I don't have Facebook... was it bad?

I got it from Twitter.

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