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How would your life be different if you spent a year without technology?

Cellphones, PC's, TVs, and everything in-between.

How would life look different for you if you spent a year without them?

silvereyes 8 Dec 20

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It would be quieter and more focused on people than things.

SamL Level 7 Dec 21, 2017

I think life would be so much better if times were still as they were in the 1700s

No I was being serious


Well I wouldn't have a job since it revolves around computers and fixing internet circuits. But other than that I would read a lot and try to write my book.


I would be able to read every book I own.....I would probably stop procrastinating..and finish my numerous manuscripts..and get published

Numerous manuscripts...I'm intrigued...

I just uploaded photos of my graphic, literary and musical works. "Tales" can take place in any historical or mythical setting, space and time travel are attainable through magic or technology,...

My favorite "thread" is the "medieval maiden" bitten by a vampire who lives through all these "times", on which my musical is based.


Half my life has been no technology. Today, must have it for business.


Broke. Very broke, but I am a computer programmer 🙂


I wouldn't know what was going on with my kids and grandkids who are 2,000 miles away and I'm afraid they probably wouldn't write. Maybe on my birthday, lol. I'd get much more reading done. I probably wouldn't stay inside as much, of course unless I'm reading, lol. I'd probably be more productive with all the "things I want to do". As long as there were plenty of books and the setting was wooded, near water and maybe some mountains, I think I'd be just fine! 🙂


I could get back to doing something constructive like reading books before all of this technology distraction jazz!

balou Level 8 Dec 20, 2017

I'd party like it's 1599! I've visited a few communes where tech was prohibited. I played much more and was much more active.

So my life would probably better, of course dependent on where and how I spent that year!


It would probably take a little getting used to, but it wouldn't be much different than when I was a young 'un.
We didn't have PC's or Cellphones, we did have a TV but my dad watched what he liked so we basically only had access to it on Saturday mornings.
I'd just read more.

@silvereyes I live very near the University of Illinois (I can hear the marching band practicing during football season lol) and there's a great library nearby.


I would go to sleep earlier. Found this out during a major power outage. Boring as hell after dark. But honestly, I can't imagine a whole year without technology. One week was more than enough, thank you.


More human when as a kid I would go to the little town my mom was from...grandma did not have electricity in her house until 1974, let me tell we had so much fun. And have to say I miss those I think my life would be more satisfying...on a personal level.


i would be alot smarter because i would read much more books


I wouldn't be able to answer this question, or even know that it had been asked.

skado Level 8 Dec 20, 2017

I can't imagine how I'd function. Everything I know how to do for money relies on electronics in some capacity, even if it were just writing that would pretty much require a computer and the internet (for writing directly, I could use notebooks, but research, communicating with clients, etc., would all be a significant challenge). I guess if I had no access to electronic technology, I'd just have to live off the grid from savings.

Good point. I work in IT and my whole work life revolves around technology. I guess I’d be out of work and in the employment line. I’m sure I would have plenty of company.

@balou: Yep, and I'm a web developer, so the internet and computers aren't optional for that. I tried thinking of something else I could do, and writing came to mind, but even that would have serious difficulties. Basically everything I'm good at requires electronics of some sort.


I'd probably be ripped and muscular, lol. I think that would kill laziness.

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