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Just a thought.....Australia doesn't exit ? I think in your lack of intelligence it should read, "doesn't exist.." Now I have a question for the originator of the statement..."are you the guy to told me, "England used it as a prison, to punish criminals by making them stand upside down ?




The amount of ignorance on this planet is stunning!


Exit? The authors cannot even spell!

Proof reading fail.


Where do you think Australia would go , if it did exit ? Not exactly like you can flush it , and it'd go down the drain . Everyone in Australia , exit stage left , the entire continent is about to be flushed .


Uh oh....aussies are kind of feisty, I see trouble ahead!


It's simple enough, get on a plane and see if they can look out the window while flying.
Wonder if they think nasa can control how the night/day accelerates/decelerates.


haha yeah we live in a parallel universe too

Rosh Level 7 May 30, 2018
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