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The Most Outrageous Belief

What is the most outrageous belief you were commanded to swallow during your childhood religious indoctrination?

For me, it was the Catholic notion of "transubstantiation", which is the belief that the communion wafer, after a bunch of mumbo-jumbo the priest says, becomes the actual body and blood of Christ. Which is to say, devout Catholics resort to cannibalism each time they receive communion.

By RobLawrence7
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Hates gays but puts other in men in their mouth every Sunday. #Catholics


The Virgin birth is hilarious.

@trblemaker Any religion/mythology that claims a virgin could give birth is ridiculous and laughable. Of all the idiotic stories to steal from previous belief systems...


I grew up Roman Catholic. As a kid, I didn't think of it that way. But eventually reason smacks some of us in the face (thankfully) and you realize how demented it is to hang a dead guy on a torture device and pretend to eat his flesh, and drink his blood. So sick.


"Original Sin": They shouldn't have done that. But God is all-knowing and all-powerful, so he knew it was going to happen; he must have designed them to do it--else how could he have such attributes?

God is all-loving and merciful, but he still condemned them for doing what he designed them to do.

And we are all on the hook for it. We don't get to choose, get a chance--no one's going to ask us what we would do or what we think about it. We have to suffer for what someone else did thousands of years (around 6, IIRC) ago. Something that had to have been not only anticipated but planned, by an "omnipotent", "omniscient", "all-loving", "merciful" "father".

It's so logically inconsistent that I'm kind of boggled any structure built atop it can persist...

Yes, this! And the "we are all born sinners". Sorry, but I don't think a newborn baby can sin, as its supposed to be a "free will" choice. If we are born on God's bad side, why be born at all?


That Cain married outside of his tribe when we are supposedly all descendants of Adam and Eve.

My racist grandparents had a good explanation for that. WE (i.e. white folks) are descended from Adam and Eve. Cain had to go have sex with monkeys, hence those N-word people came about. Really, they believed this when they tried to turn me into a racist when I was a child in the 60's. However, "red and yellow, black and white, all are precious in his sight" stuck in my head and they couldn't convince me that hate was a good thing.


I suppose it was 'God made the Earth in 6 days and rested on the seventh' - Even as a small child I found that to be simply absurd.

Me too. Like you I couldn't work that out.. Even at eight years old I couldn't work out the rest day thing either. I did school, exploring the woods, reading comics seven days a week. What was this guys problem? If he loved it all that much why would you tske time out. If your work is your hobby you crack on out of delight not out of requirement. He obviously didn't love it as much as the spin would have us believe. The devotion begins!

@Geoffrey51 It wasn't the 'rest day' that that I found silly. It was the 'create a planet' in 6 days. It would have been easier to believe if it were one day (like a star exploding and spitting out pieces that become planets which is true anyway). But the description seemed to imply that god shaped it like a piece of clay or something - just silly.

@RobCampbell I guess we are into the symbolism of numbers here. I mean 7 is a really weird number anyway because I think, I am no mathematician by the way, if you divide any number by it, unless it is a multiple of 7 the remainder (or whatever the math-tech word is) does not resolve. It goes on forever. Much like an infinite regress I suppose.


The belief that a Supreme Omnipotent Creator Being was unable to make its Creation perfect the way it Willed it it be and be able to KEEP it that way! Instead, we see silly uneducated hairy ape-like creatures could defy the mighty Will of the Omnipotent God any time they wanted. Why God was so helpless, God only knows. But his incompetence may explain why Mrs.God left him, leaving him thereafter to daydream about sexy fun with helpless young Jewish girls. How UnGodly!


It was easier for me to believe that a man died and rose from the dead than it was for me to believe that Noah got all of those animals on that ark.


LOL, even protestants mock Catholic transubstantiation!

Near the end of my own addiction, I hung out with some Charismatic Catholics. I really think their nuttiness helped me see the light, I'm eternally grateful to Catholicism for leading me astray.


Having been raised Mormon, it ws that Joseph Smith (founder of the Mormon church) actually saw god and Jesus face to face.

The seond biggest lie, ws that Native Americans were actually lost tribes of Israel, and their skin was darkened bia a curse put upon them as a cruse for abandoning faith Of course modern genetics (DNA) shows that native Americans are mos tclosely related to the people of Tibet and Southern Siberia. Also the Thunder go religion of the Southwest Native Americans is almos tidentical to the religion of pre-Buddhist Tibet.

Anyway, it would take a book set of multi volumes to list all the lies, whci have been told to me.

snytiger6 Level 9 May 30, 2018

Baptism for the dead and being sealed for all time and eternity are on my list along with blacks being descendants of Cain. Joseph Smith proved himself to be a false prophet according to their own teachings because on his death bed he made a prophetic claim that the 2nd prophet of the church would be Joseph Smith Jr. but it ended up being Brigham Young. Mormons do however have the best social care system of any church I ever attended and expect recipients to be participants too.

@CreativelyMe I think he was proved false by his false translation of an egyptian papyrus for the book of Abraham. Not to mantion all the historical errors in the Book of Mormon itself.

Hid prophecy about church leadership split the Mormon faith. Most followed Brigham young, but a few followed Joseph Smith Jr and formed "The Organized Church" sect of Mormonism.

There have been several other splinter sects, many of which operate more like cults, centerign aroudn male supremacy and plural marriages.

@snytiger6 You are probably right about the interpretations but even the most simple minded person should be able to figure out the deception if they followed BY and did not follow their "prophet".

@CreativelyMe Well, I think that because yumasn evolved as social or herd animals, that for way too many people the need to belong, which is an active animal instinct in humans, often outweighs any logic or reasoning faculties they may have.

We evolved in groups for reasons of safety. For most pepeel belonging to a group makes them feel safe and to not belong to a group makes them feel insecure. So, theri instincts kick in and keep them from using logic or reason, because if they don't fit into the group ((as in religious group) they feel insecure

If you think about it, that is the only way a book such as the bible which contradicts itself so much has survived for so long as the primary Christian book. With the Mormon books, the principle is the same, as it is for followign any religious leaders or "prophets".


The concept that starts wanting you to believe by telling of a begining where a creator makes two children, sets them in a garden were everything is provided, sets a table of drugs, disquised as candy, installs a phallic symbole to intice the girl child to eat the candied drugs, and when the children have discovered the joys of feeling good, blames the girl child, and kicks the children out into the cold cruel world. And knowing ahead of time, what is going to happen, and then says you are to believe in me and worship me. I have got to think this is the first, and most outrageous belief.....I mean, if you can say "yeah....I'm okay with that", how can you not go for all the rest.


Yeah, transubstantiation was about it. And who does that anyway? Who in their right mind would actually eat a raw piece of someone else? any organised group that embraces as ritual the regular practice of chewing down on people, after converting what was presumably a perfectly good piece of bread to begin with, has to be highly questionable from the get-go. Add to that the practice and bizarre distortion of wearing an instrument of torture and subjugation (cross) around their necks as a symbol of love and devotion, and i am long gone...

StJohn Level 6 May 30, 2018

Former Catholic here. Many. Miracles by Jesus. The Holy Trinity, Hell, transubstantiation, the Virgin Mary, the entire Old Testament, with little unbelievable tales like Adam and Eve (and the Serpent), Noah and the Flood, Moses taking 40 years to traverse a desert that even at that time would not take more than one month (the Egyptian armies would do it all the time), the parting of the Red Sea. Good fairy tales that only kids would believe. I did for a while until I had brains enough to doubt it all.


Confession. Ratting yourself out to some priest, who is NO better--and usually worse--than you.

KKGator Level 9 May 30, 2018

The amount of shite shoveled at us in religious boarding school was pretty large, but here are a few stand outs:

That holding hands would lead to pregnancy. The insult to my intelligence was so outrageous that I couldn't really respect another word after that.
That I would go to hell if I wore colored nail polish, or wore a skirt more than 3 inches above my knee, or wore jewlery, or various other fashion police sins.
That my soul was in grave danger for wearing black on Fridays - this was said to me with a straight face by a faculty member who was herself wearing black on a Friday...
That I was incapable of helping anyone because I couldn't even help myself, but that they would pray for me. Still angry over that one.

exilesky Level 7 May 30, 2018

And I thought that the Baptist had it bad.


I supposed one that gave me a 7 or 8 years olds version of WTF? was that not going to church was a mortal sin the same as murder!

ipdg77 Level 8 May 30, 2018

Well there are many, but one that was highly consequential for me (in that it comprised 99% of what I knew about mate selection or relationships) was: "Marry a good Christian girl and everything will work out great". I suppose some would add "so long as you don't have sex before marriage".

Unfortunately I was to discover that some "good Christian girls" can have serious mental health and personality issues that cannot be prayed away. That marriage lasted 15 years, which, assuming it should have been embarked upon at all, was about 14.5 years too long. This was largely a result of the runner-up "outrageous belief" which is that "god hates divorce" and of course by extension, those who engage therein.

That is fundamentalism for you; it distorts your mental model of reality nigh to the point of uselessness, then it deprives you of any flexibility to deal with the results.

mordant Level 8 May 30, 2018

Hellfire and brimstone.

Clauddvon Level 7 May 30, 2018

I've heard he tastes like chicken. ☺

Sticks48 Level 9 May 30, 2018

No, no, no. It's babies that taste like chicken.

@KKGator Thank you for the clarification. ?

@Sticks48 Anytime! ?


That is a good one smile001.gif

ipdg77 Level 8 May 30, 2018

I am unable to come up with the most ridiculous part. The part where, given the size of the universe, we are important to the creator, and he needs or even notices our constant adoration.


Got to agree wth that one. When I was doing my degree I was told by another student that I was going to hell because I had taken communion and not been baptised a Cstholic. I refuted his conjecture by saying "that won't be so as I don't believe in hell". this of course re-inforced his belief that I'd be playing five card stud, while downing a bottle of scotch with my old mate Old Nick of the nether regions on my demise. The reason I took the bread and wine was because I love the bells and smells of high church for purely selfish reasons; to be a part of the well-constructed sense of drama that has evolved from the simplistic devotion of a pre-Christian the pinnacle of self-aggrandisement in the baroque Middle Ages.


I was really lucky. When I was very young I figured out religions was BS when they talked about the star over the crib of Jesus. Even when I was young I concluded stars don't work that way as they are not attached to the heaven firmament. So when my confirmation class instructor told us about the doctrine of the Trinity I told my teacher "Well that's just stupid" he agreed with, "I know but that's what they want us to teach you guys".


Oh my god, where do I start?

When I was a kid, I was told by my mother that we practiced Zorostrianism. My mother also frequently goes on rants about what she hears about Islamic canon.

There are more things she says, and nobody is allowed to correct her because she's completely crazy and actually believes in God, Muhammad, etc. and all of that kooky stuff.

I was also brought to church by babysitters, and my father, which was a heavy experience, because of the topic of hell.

I was bought a book on the story of Adam and Eve in elementary school, and I actually bought into it. It wouldn't be until I was red-pilled on theism in middle school by my uncle, that I would realize it was nonsense.

DZhukovin Level 7 May 30, 2018


That is bizarre! What on earth??

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