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Alien Astronaut Theory

What are your thoughts on Alien Astronaut Theory? Is it possible?
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DaddyWolf77 4 Dec 21

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We are out there so why can't aliens also be out there and have even been here? There is more evidence for ancient aliens than there is for God


Or at least incredibly improbable.


There is as yet no evidence for alien visitation of Earth that passes the laugh test. Pretty much all that needs to be said on the topic. If new evidence is ever presented, I will happily reconsider. 🙂


With about 0.01% probability.


Show me one piece of evidence of off timeline technology and don't claim the hammer coated in calcite, the brass bell found by the Creationist Institute or the Hematite grooved spheres that are not spheres and are natural mineral concretion. Show me a titanium bolt or screw from undisturbed strata an you will convert me. Otherwise I have to call bullshit.

Questions, would a hammer in a rock count?

@sirbiksalot06 , you mean the hammer in calcite read the research on it not the fantasy.


it is possible but so can I win the lottery 5 times in a row

I'm sure you have a much better chance with the lottery.


I think most pepple think aliens would travel across our own galaxy, but i find that to be unlikely. Teh theory of relativity says that as the speed of light is approached mass increases, which I doubt most (known) living creatures could withstand.

I think it is more likely that we would get visitors from the Multiverse, or a "parallel galaxy" However I also think that if such travelers existed, it would be highly improbble for them to be able to return to their own galaxy, or if we discovered how to travel through the multiverse it would be highly improbably to be able to return to our own galaxy of origin, but to the infinite number of possible universes in a multiverse.

So, alien explorers may be possible, but unless they choose to spend an extended time in our universe before moving on or tryign to return, multiple visits by the same species or individuals are very unlikely.


I already posted on this. My alien friend doesn't like to be called an alien. She's just a regular hermaphrodite. She's into cooking, knitting and xerscology. You'd probably like her if you met her.

I would like to!


It's possible, but just like the existence of God, I'd need to see some real and irrefutable evidence before I believed it. I'm pretty sure there is life somewhere out there, I am not convinced it's been to earth.


Like most things I require some form of evidence (one that can actually be proven scientifically) but I am also willing to keep an open mind, I mean lets be honest if tomorrow aliens showed up I'd feel pretty foolish for having denied there existence.

Would not feel foolish. I would feel very surprised.


Thing about alien astronauts as an answer to where we come from, all it leads to is the question "where did they come from.

godef Level 7 Dec 21, 2017

Although possible, the likelihood is remote. Sorry, but I'm not one of the Nazcanuts.


There are reported sightings as far back as ancient times with some of our founding fathers being some to claim having sighted such occurrences. I'm an avid watcher of Ancient Aliens on the History Channel in which they provide some rather good arguments to their existence. There's a lot of past civilizations that have rather common structures, artifacts, art, and writings that are so relative to each other in a time these civilizations couldn't have possibly know each other to come so close to resemblance. When in the past what other explanation is there when people claim a flying dragon spewing out fire ascending with a leader such as China or from the books of the bible and other civilizations around the globe? With no other words to put to the technology they were witnessing. I watched a video yesterday of a navy pilot following UFO's recently. Part of documents of a program the government is claiming to have canceled. Described as tic tac shaped, then suddenly whisk off the radar screen after a period of time. There's plenty of evidence to assume we have something/one from possibly some other planet visiting our planet. If you're interested, look up Harry Reid and the UFO program.


Is this still around?I thought von Daniken had been thoroughly debunked by now. (He was arrested for fraud, no less.)


Which has nothing to do with this subject! oye!


I think it is close....take off the 'tronaut' add an 's'...and I am comfortable with a religion that believes some drunken alien ass spilled his beer which had some bacteria on it and BOOM monkeys. Done and done. Where's my tax free status.

That's funny right there!


I said possible, but it's a very remote possibility. Between "god did it" vs "aliens did it" I'd stick with aliens as more likely


I voted possible , but it's very unlikely.


are there aliens? yes, i have no doubt. have they visited earth? it's possible.


Why not... the government has been hiding the truth. Yep... they say there are aliens.


Thank you

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