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LINK New Rule: Dear Roseanne | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - YouTube

I think some people are misinformed about Roseanne Barr. Her character was a Trump supporter. Show me an interview where the actual Rosanne Barr explicitly says she supports Trump. I haven't found one and I've been looking.

I find all childish behavior repugnant. In my opinion, One Race: Human. Everybody makes mistakes. Freedom of speech means tolerating opposing views. Too many attack freedom of speech with free speech. It is easy to see it when you begin to apply reason and seperate emotional bias. Systems of control want us fighting amongst ourselves so they can fleece us. It's been that way for as long as time. As an atheist I cannot replace the religion of faith with the religion of capitalism. They are basically the same thing,. Wake up America, PLEASE!

McVinegar 8 May 31

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Calling someone an ape is unconscionable.

@McVinegar ok I'm real interested in how you justify this.


Bill Maher is not that great though.


I know... But still..



Should comedians apologise for being comedians?.....

Obviously no. Why would they?

Do I want someone to beat me over the head with all the mistakes I've made?.....

I wouldn't call racism a mistake.

Mayer seems a poor choice of moral high ground after his own racist slip.

I don't buy your argument. He's a douchebag.




This was posted weeks ago. She is still an anti-semetic Jew (that's right folks she was born Jewish) and her actions are those of a racist.

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