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LINK Pedophile advocate Nathan Larson running for Virginia congressional seat - NY Daily News

Be afraid, be very afraid. What a wackjob. In 2015 He sought custody of his child even though he is a risk, then he dropped the suit. Win for baby. []

HippieChick58 9 June 1

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I have a solution for pedophiles and habitual sex offenders....


One problem I find is that he is a libertarian. They are often atheist so we might be put into the same box as he.

If the shoe fits.

@OtherPatrick No this shoe does not fit.

@JackPedigo Stop trying it on.

@OtherPatrick obvious troll is obvious, go away.

@dellik I agree. I just ignore these nonsensical comments.


Kill all pedophiles...hang them in public...televise it...


They have gall don't they.


Should be easy to beat him. Soundly. One would hope....

I hope there is always hope


how can this be legal? I guess he hasnt been convicted of a crime??????....??????

and in another post there is more than just the pedophilia

He did serve time in federal prison for threatening the president, but the governor of Virginia had reinstated the rights of ex- cons so this pos is able to run for public office. (Let me clarify that the governor didn't reinstate rights specifically for this human garbage. He's just benefitting from the governor's action.)

@dkp93 wow I can see returning the right to vote but to run for public office?

@btroje convicted criminals absolutely should have the right to run for office, the fact that this guy happens to be a pedo piece of shit is not related to his previous incarceration, so.. yeah.

The question is who votes for people like him?

@Honey4Oshun yes I guess as long as there is some reason in the populace


I saw this and looked up his party affiliation. He is a reactionist (whatever that is) Libertarian. Typical, take care of oneself and to hell with everyone else!


Freedom is sometimes hard to take.


Well when a POS can be president then it seems like others like him, think here"s my chance.

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