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Big American flags on big trucks

When I see big trucks with big flags hanging out of them I immediately think a racist, right wing, christian,trump loving inbred is driving them and I despise them. Is it just me or am I being too judgmental?

LibrasDreams 5 June 1

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Nope, it's sort of an indicator... especially if its Confederate. Lol

Buddha Level 7 June 1, 2018

I think the driver is an ignorant, gun-loving, uneducated, loudmouth, Nazi-saluting, racist Trump-supporter. What's worse is the Confederate flag, a clear symbol of racism.





Who needs a flag to drive? No one.

They are probably worse than you imagine.


We should be so lucky as to have rednecks so moderate that they fly only american flags on their trucks. In my area half those people are still flying the confederate stars n bars. Nevermind cracking a history book to find out that this NE corner of TN supported the union. They leave little doubt as to who's driving.


I prefer SUVs. I can see everything better. I wouldn't have a flag sticking out of it though.

I knew someone who used to always wave the flag whether it was on his car or his boat. He is my ex brother in law. My sister divorced him. We were on his boat one time and as we were leaving the dock, he had the flag waving and "Proud To Be An American" was blaring from the radio. It was the 4th of July though. He was what you think he would be: loud, obnoxious, racist, etc. He is currently sitting in a Texas jail serving a 19 year sentence for murdering his cousin's husband at a family Thanksgiving dinner years ago with a gun. I think he might come up for parole next year. Not sure.

I wouldn't judge everyone that drives trucks and has the flag on it or waving from it as racist etc. though, but I would have a healthy suspicion.

@Ringo6 Lol You should hear some of the stuff that goes on in my neighborhood, and my neighborhood is actually considered one of the quiet ones pretty much.

@trblemaker I didn't know that. I heard from another vet that they made them salute garbage pails.


You left out gun-lovin' redneck 😉


So often the flags are confederate or don't tread on me, so it seems a safe bet. I've yet to meet a liberal uber nationalist.


I live in the southeast, and around here that assumption would be on target 99%of the time.


You know what they say, "Big flags on big trucks means little brains, tiny hands, and little ... well, you know.

No, your assessment is probably right on the money most of the time. It's also a good bet when you see YUUuuuuge displays of patriotic symbols that the person has never served in the military.


You are without a doubt, correct. Judge away, they’re begging for it 😀

Varn Level 8 June 1, 2018

It's shorthand for "I'm an asshole".


It is not just you. ☺


You'd hate it here then (in Ft. Oglethorpe, GA). Here they drive around in groups with flags on their vehicle to make a political statement. They take over large "mart" parking lots and drive back and forth from one mart to another, whooping and hollering and making a big old show of solidarity to whatever cause they think they're portraying. Tea Party? Trumpettes? The worshipers of Glorious Southern Heritage? The determination to preserve every racist monument on the planet? I dunno, its never quite clear what they're trying to say, but there's a whole lot of them, and it made my blood run cold when they took over the former K-mart parking lot a few blocks from my house, and I feared for my black neighbors' safety. I kept waiting to see hoods and ropes and you can bet they've got 'em somewhere.


Since when is having a truck or flying an American flag racist? That's super discriminatory to a LOT of people....

Vegan, Atheist, Libertarian --- and I drive an F-350 Superduty 4x4 crew cab and I've been known to put a flag in the back on Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, Independence Day....etc. I'm PROUD of my country and I APPRECIATE the sacrifice of millions of soldiers who defended your right to be a hateful person who makes snap judgments about others based on what they drive.

So...yeah. Stop judging. You are incredibly wrong in this case.

And don't call me when you need a couch moved. Dammit.

Those are all holidays where it somewhat makes sense at least. I have a feeling she’s talkin about the ones that, in my area at least are usually flying it alongside a confederate flag and Gadsen flag all year long and not grasping the irony.

@SkotlandSkye ok well you seem about as angry and closed minded as we were expecting too so thanks for announcing yourself. Buh bye now ?

@SkotlandSkye Damn that's a really nice truck, I'm considering getting one like that down the road. The bottom photo is the coolest, you should enter that one in a contest, I think it would win.

@SpikeTalon I sent the one with the horse in it to Ford and told them to use it in an advertisement. They sent me a nice letter and a coupon for a free oil change. LOL


In the US I flew the flag from my bicycle. I figured it would make some redneck less likely to run me off the road.


I try not to because I want to give people the benefit of the doubt. But yes, that is my instinct.


Yeah, I suppose it is a bit judgmental but I agree with you. I feel the same way about wearing camo as a fashion statement or even western wear when you are from the northeast. I apologize in advance to anyone that likes to wear camo or western style clothing. I'm just being honest.

edit: I kinda feel like I get a pass on the western wear thing cause my dad wears it. He was born and raised in the northeast so he's really just a wanna be cowboy.


I have mentioned this same phenomenon in a couple comments or posts, and my first impression is much like yours; I want to get as far away from them as possible. Their thinking and mine are miles, continents, apart I'm quite certain, and I want as little to do with them as possible. To me, it's part of a collective mental illness.


Yeah, way too judgmental.


I feel the same and they are everywhere here in Texas.

Same in Louisiana.


You feel how you feel.


You are being judgmental. You’re also being quite correct. Don’t sweat it.


Well, then I'm judgmental too. I typically don't think "How cool is that???!!!" Mostly it's eyerolls.


Too judgemental


You are being normal. I too see the same thing and thought about my prejudice . But then all I have seen do this are people who are not educated and very angry. It is not an elegant way to go about boasting of the confederacy.

EMC2 Level 8 June 4, 2018
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