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Does it seem like Christians throw Jesus’ death around in everybody’s face?

I couldn’t help but notice that thy seem to throw his death around just a little too much. It is almost as if they live in the past, yet they speak about not living in the past. It just seems ridiculous that they think every generation must convert to Christianity and every person who will be born in he later future is responsible for this man, who supposedly died two thousand years ago. These people, including us had nothing to do with him being murdered when his own father, Yahweh set man up to fail in the first place. Even was as petty as to create the Devil and knew in advance he’d turn evil then set him free on Earth to roam, yet he hasn’t destroyed him, but had no problem destroying all these people in the most gruesome ways. it is everybody’s fault kw that Jesus was murdered because our sin caused him to die? I don’t think so. This belief is nothing more but a master manipulator, guilt trip religion.

EmeraldJewel 7 Dec 22

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It's because christianity is a death cult. People can't wait to die so they can be rewarded in heaven (well they should do, but it doesn't always seem to work that way!).

And jesus dying? Only for a couple of days, then he came to life again. So it was just like dying for the weekend for our sins - not much of a sacrifice eh?


I think it's because that's what they've been trained to do.

Spread the love of Jeebus on everyone. Yuck.

Lol the way you made it sound.


Actually if you read the gnostic teachings ,Jesus ressurection is his realising that he was divine like everyone else on this planet,we are all parts of god. Gnosis means kwowledge in Greek.

Jesus never taught of a physical ressurection,he was teaching about being aware of this ,that is the ressurection as an awakening to the realisation we are all "sons(and daughters) of god", it defeats death once you understand it.You rise above death.

It makes sense to me too but,I do believe it.

FOUND A BELIEVER!!! What are you doing here? This is nonsense - if jesus was the son of god surely he already "realised" he was divine. And everyone else on the planet didn't/doesn't have his nepotic connections. Just the old nonsense about "don't worry you can conquer death if you just believe!". You can't.

Well congratulations.Glad to have made you happy. For an agnostic you seem pretty are you so sure?

Jesus was just saying we are all divine ,he wasn't claiming to be special in that respect,nor had any special favours with the above. Its not about just out believing so much as coming to a realisation it,if you think you are living in a duality thats fine,I thought that too once,but personally it makes no sense to me anymore.


Its called spreading guilt, and it is a formula that has worked for years. I get the question: Do you know jesus died for your sins? I love that one I reply no he didn't he died for yours I own mine, why don't you start taking a little responsibility for your own actions on yourself for a change?

Fifty years of atheism does teach you a thing or two.

Exactly! Patty Smith sang a song with that lyric,, "Jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine" or so. I'd rather suffer for my own sins than unload it all onto this lamb of God.

And I hate the idea of "sinners" being forgiven coz they believe in this god - Jesus welcoming 2 years old Johnny to heaven : "Hey little Johnny, look over there - there's the guy that raped and killed you when you were 2 - but he found jesus so he's forgiven! Go over and say hi!". What a disgusting philosophy.

Good reply.


I bath in the blood jayzuz daily..either that or the blood of's my birth right as an atheist.


The longer I recognize atheism, the more natural and comfortable it feels... with my history (catholicism) if I’m wrong and choose to change my mind, no problemo... mea culpa, mea culpa, hey !!! I’m baaack, good as new. Just ask for forgiveness, assume your god given dose of guilt... plus, you don’t even have to be jewish to have your share of self guilt.

Tomas Level 7 Jan 12, 2018

...oh, the jewish part is supposed to be a joke.


Abrahamic religion -as most of the rest are based on pain and reward. Ie "I will give you eternal pain by fire if you don't love me. I will reward you heaven on earth and after death if you love me, no matter what. That is at the foundation of domestic violence. The patriarchy barbarically rules by this because it works. It seems that kind of love is never earned but forced.
In addition, when people tell me that I must love Jesus because he died for my sins, I always reply "what about the thousands of young solders that died for our sins (misguided political theology) in endless wars? Does that not count for even more? " Sinners are made, not born that way, when they first lean to fake religion as children do in fantasy play. Except that religion serves to arrest the magical thinking in childhood and deliberately replaces it with their magical thinking that you swear to uphold. It is continuously reinforced through blood ritual at least once a week and solidified by hanging a dead man on a cross around your neck so you are reminded to the constant pain you will have if you turn away from this god. It's disgusting to me.


@EmeraldJewel I hope I'm not being inappropriate but you seem to have a lot of posts where you are still wrestling internally with the christian faith. Is letting go of that belief system still hard for you or are you surrounded by a lot of bible-thumpers? You are in Okie-land after all. One thing that helped me was to not focus on what I'm giving up but what I was gaining. I tried to read as many evidence-based things as I could. Right now I am really digging Neil deGrasse Tyson and Nell Irvin Painter. Or am I totally missing the mark?

Surrounded by a bunch of Bible thumpers. It’s kind of like Christopher Hitchens once said when he was asked why he couldn’t keep his atheism to himself. His response was,” because religious won’t let me.” Does that answer your question? But soon I will be getting away from this area I’m in and you won’t see many post like this anymore.

It's not like I think less of you because of your religious posts I guess I was just a little confused. If you don't mind me asking where are you off to?

Don't know if I could hack it in Okie-land. My mother's side of the family is from western Kansas and every time I visited her in Dodge City I realized I did not want to live there. She's in Eufala OK now but haven't visited her there yet. Glad I live in the Twin Cities but I'm beginning to wonder if I want to stay in this country at all anymore. Hope your new place will be better.

Probably back to Kentucky. That’s where I’m originally from. I love it there!!!

Kentucky's better for us godless than OK?

I don’t even think so now. Now that I got to thinking about it lol.

It's your life but maybe somewhere else?

@... it’s like cat shit, it’s everywhere. Must say they did a really good job spreading this shit around.


You are responsible it says so in this book I don't read!


It is obvious that this kind of value or action is to make religious people feel guilty of something they didn't do. And in my experience, when there was a problem somewhere, even if I didn't do the problem, I always feel guilty of the problem. Thanks science, I have left religion, but this kind of brain washed stay with you for long time, until you realize that unless you directly cause the problem it is not your fault

Erik Level 3 Dec 22, 2017

Well, when you consider their past when it was having to, actually being coerced to, convert or die, I'd say we got it much easier. We can just ignore them and walk away.

SamL Level 7 Dec 22, 2017

I don't get how they call "Good Friday" good. The worst day in the life of Jesus ... not good. German calls it "Karfreitag" , more focus on the sadness of it or crappiness. But to your point, about 25 years ago I thought why not bring my young girls to a Christmas church service for once, in a friend's church, Baptist. One women speaker or preacher or bullshitter or what have you held up one of these white and red candy sticks that come out on Christmas, held it up and talked about how the red stripes are to remind us of the blood Jesus bled after being whipped-lashed . Oh for Fucks sake, how to spoil a harmless sugar treat for kids. I was totally disgusted. I think that was actually the last time I was in any church service. Yea, they really ride the death of jesus to death don't they? Should they not be celebrating that he never really died?

...good Friday, holy sat, super Sunday, magnificent Monday, terrible Tuesday, wonderful...


It was a quiet and uneventful moment when I discovered my own answer as to why I dislike Christianity. It is not because it is a myth stolen by bloody conquerors to control the masses with guilt and fear. A man called a local radio show and said that the reason that he couldn't be a Christian...was that it was an immoral act to sacrifice an innocent person to placate the sinners.


I think that many people have misread your post. too busy being on their high horses.


People use religion as a weapon because to fight back can be construed as an attack on all religion, or at least their religion. This is why there are so few atheist elected officials, at least admitted atheist. The barrage of hate pointed at atheism is a cheap easy alternative to factual reasoning.


Seems to be seasonal, easter, christmas... whatever helps sell stuff. Could I interest you in a bible ?

Tomas Level 7 Jan 12, 2018

Yes, they do this. Happened to me this week. A friend tried to make me understand that God Gave his only son for me. Awkward!

Bebel Level 4 Dec 31, 2017

I can think of many martyrs who deserve more reverence than Jesus does. I mean I liked that he rubbed those old orthodox jews the wrong way with his hippie peace and love message but come on Jesus, what have you done for me lately.


"god" was far better at "destroying all these people in the most gruesome ways" and his self/son got off easy. Billions have died needlessly at the "hands of god" in both mythology and reality.

And his self/son had to die his not so brutal death why? What idiot would set up these rules of the universe on this trivial little planet?

Consider these jewels if you want to "throw back". " )


They act like his death on the cross was a greater sacrifice then was ever demonstrated. Many people have given their lives for their convictions. Millions have done it in wars. Religious nuts flew planes into the world trade centers. They gave their lives for what they believed. Jesus if real... did nothing more than those folks.


Mila, is that you? 🙂


What is it with animal and human sacrifice anyway. An all powerful god wouldn't worry about petty humans eating fruit from a tree or having sex with the wrong person. Even if this alleged god did get his feelings hurt by these things, I'm sure he would be powerful enough to forgive and forget without having to senselessly slaughter an innocent person or animal.
I could rant all day on this, but no one would listen, so I'll stop there.


You gotta love the religious nut case, please avoid a sunni Muslim.
I am going to post 2 YouTube links to maybe help guide you to an answer you are seeking, I assure you there's no Televangelist in any of these links
The first one is Leonard Shlain and his lecture on his book called The Alphabet Vs The Goddess.

This will explain why these people are the way they are and the horrible history of religion. The second is a remote viewing of the death of Jesus.
You don't really have to listen to this one, just that Jesus never died on the cross. I wanted to post a 3rd link, but I couldn't find it and it's base on a book that I couldn't find like something called the bad men of Tibet. It's about Buddhist monks during the 13th century who were just assholes and disgusting.
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