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Should health insurance companies be required to cover birth control?

Should the government decide what businesses provide?


Should all forms of healthcare be offered without picking and choosing by the company?

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silvereyes 8 Dec 22

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Of course! Birth control is just part of life! Most other countries provide it as part of their medical services. Also we are so overpopulated now, there are not enough jobs available for all people. and history shows in overpopulated societies crime soars and wars break out! That is my theory and I am stuck with it! LOL


Especially if they cover Viagra.

Gary Level 4 Dec 23, 2017

My personal opinion is our government should provide adequate health care, including contraception, as do many "more advanced" countries in the "free world".

We've also seen publicly funded agencies, such as Planned Parenthood, fill in the gaps.

I think for the sake of freedom and free trade corporations, with government oversight, should be able to offer whatever they want at whatever price they want. It would then be up to the consumers to decide which of these companies to support.


??? Uk based with free healthcare including contraception.


Our bodies is our own property and our own responsibility. It is not our corperations, Religions,or Goverment responsibility.

The main purpose of a Government is only to protect us. In Europe they have some schools that give lessons in love and the they work very well for sexual relationship and proventble abortion.

What is the difference between a lightbulb and a pregnant woman.

You can unscrew the lightbulb.


Only if the law is requiring a person to have health insurance.


yes, and believers should be required to take them

turf Level 4 Dec 22, 2017

I had to go with other. I personally don't believe the company I work for should be involved in my healthcare at all, or insurance companies. Maybe I misunderstand the stance on this issue, but isn't the going argument right now, companies providing birth control, or refusing to? I'm a strong advocate for universal healthcare. Taking out any involvement of employers, insurance and pharmaceutical companies. My health should only be between me my family and my doctor.

@MrLizard I'm force-ably doing so now. We're in the realm of religion being involved with government and employers enforcing their religion upon us. When the government allows employers to deny employees this option, religion becomes involved in government. If I'm not mistaken, that breaks the rule of separation. And I could go into a well of thoughts to use against employers, boards of, CEO's, who hypocritically go against their self proclaimed religion to degrees. Proving they are plainly use this as a means to save money. I think my stance on socialized healthcare and my statement of my health being only my, my family and doctors business speaks for itself. I totally agree that if were going to keep the system as it is then employers should have no right to deny birth control.


I voted 'Yes' but there need to be some qualifiers added here. A question: Should kosher delis be required to sell pork? If so, why? Should a sporting goods store be required to sell tutus? Should a photographer who specializes in portraits be required to do landscapes?

You see where this is going, right? I agree that birth control is not only a necessity, it is also crucial to the future of our planet that we educate people in their use and the long term advantages accruing from controlling population growth, but there is the issue of rights for the businessman.

Perhaps it would be better if it were put in another way. How about, if you are going to engage in the sale of insurance policies for human health, you must also provide a birth control option for clients who want it?

@silvereyes and @MrLizard -- Please note that I voted 'Yes'. I have some reservations about how it can be implemented without stepping on the rights of the business owner as well. I designed and built custom yachts, and it was well within my rights to not do powerboats or submarines or to refuse service to someone whose hair I didn't like. I didn't, but I had the right. Mandating that a private business owner do anything is one of those slippery slopes so what I'm saying is that it needs to be considered carefully from all angles.


Of course, because it is a necessity when you don't believe in abstinence and you are too poor to pay for it. In Canada, it is even free for men to have the operation vasectomy, I had it when I was 27 and I am very glad I got it. I was too poor to have child and it was like this until I was 50 so too late to have kids, thanks sciences!

Erik Level 3 Dec 22, 2017

Not sure birth control is like condems you don't need them you just want them but tampons yes.

I wholeheartedly agree.
Tampons are a health issue insofar as every woman needs them, it is not their choice to menstruate or not, and without them it posses a health issue for them and a sanitation issue for everyone else.

The same cannot be said about men and condoms or women and the pill.

@MsOliver how is that our fault its called birth control forgive us for thinking its only for controling birth dam


It is not ignorance to realize that birth control encompasses a wide range of objects and medicines beyond the pill and thus this discussion encompasses more than the pill.

Also, viagra is not birth control so it's not ignorance for us to stay on topic instead of wondering all over the place. And if you had asked instead of assumed , you would know that on my part I also consider viagra to be a voluntary expenditure and am of the opinion it too should not be required of insurances to cover.

Also, the arguments presented so far by myself and gabriel have not been religious; I have purposefully stayed away from any religious arguments for my position because a) I don't need them and b) it muddles the issue of why I believe the way I do, and c) the original post was not framed in that light.

So how about instead of taking such a combative stance against us, calling us ignorant, that if we knew any women we know better, and accusing us of not knowing what we are talking about... that instead of that you actually TALK to us and try to understand our position instead of LECTURING us and trying to force your position on us? 😉

@MsOliver 1. I don't watch the news or watch tv so its your fault for assuming I do
2. I'm not a licenced physician so the whole point of this poll was to get everyones unbiassed oppinion.
3. Yea viagra is the same thing as a condom no one needs sex they just want it, so it was on the same list as birth control(until now). I just wished you could have been more possitive sharing the information.
4. I don't think religion should have any say when it comes to medical pratice I'm prochoice and have seen the negativity practiced by x-tians when normal people don't do what they say so I could imagine the struggle.

@MsOliver yea to prevent STDs which is a side affect of what?? Sex. And if I didn't type anything than I wouldn't of found out about any of this so no I do not regret any of what I said. Also in america the 1st amendment is freedom of speech so you have every right to be a $&#*


"Both drugs, hormonal birth control and viagra, have legitimate medical uses beyond the common assumption, "
Then you aren't talking about birth control anymore. You want to argue that those drugs should be covered for medicinal purposes, I've already agreed with you that they should. You want to argue that those drugs should be covered for birth control, for the controlling of births, I've stated my reasons why they shouldn't.

" because they can't forbid the drug for one purpose and not for the other."
Yes they can. A doctor's prescription makes it very clear what the purpose is. If you have no medical condition warranting taking the pill, then the doctors prescription will not list any medical condition and then clearly the assumption is you are taking the pill for birth contol under your choice and I disagree companies should be forced to do so. If you have a medical condition however and are prescribed a hormone that is also used as birth control, the doctors perscription will list that condition, state that the hormone is not for birth control and IMO the company should be required to cover that medicine.

"so with all due respect, fuck you."
No thank you; I'm out of birth control and my insurance doesn't cover it. 😀


"he fact that you brought condoms into the discuss just highlights your ignorance. "

He brought condoms into a discussion about birth control and you accuse HIM of being ignorant?
That's rich....

"Otherwise, you are entirely too ignorant to be having sexual relations with anyone anyway."
Ad Hominem is a bad look on you MsOliver; you should really try to not wear it as much.


Sex is not a health issue insofar as not having it will make you sick.
Furthermore, sex is a choice such that one can choose not to have it unlike a disease or accident where one has not choice and what insurance is meant to cover.

Thus, if you want to enact the choice of having sex, I see no problem with the individual paying for it instead of forcing work or insurance to pay for it.
Now, I don't see a problem with companies offering it if they want, but they should not be forced to do so.


Let's be clear with our terms.
Birth Control is for the controlling of births. It encompasses not only the pill but also condoms, diaphrams, spermicidal jellys, etc.

Now, if you need hormone therapy for other issues, then that is a separate account. There are other medicines than the pill for acne. There are other medicines than the pill for pain management of cramps. There are other ways to manage anemia. Etc. And in cases where the pill is the only medicine for your condition, then you are not taking the pill for birth control but for medical reasons.

Thus my position: birth control (of which the pill is just one form) which is used for the controlling of births under the choice of sex is an individual choice individuals make and this choice should not, IMO, be forced upon companies... they can offer it if they want, but it shouldn't be required.

If my testicles swelled and my penis bled, you are right we wouldn't be having this conversation because no woman would have sex with me and thus birth control would be a moot issue. 😀


"Enough women see what a jackass you're being in this thread,"
I'm sure they can speak for themselves and don't need you to speak in their stead.
If they think me jackass, I'm sure they can comment on that on their own.
As I'm sure they'll also comment on the "fuck you" nature of your replies to me. 😟

@MsOliver Thank you for trying to get through their ignorance. They won't allow themselves to look at the issue from another perspective. I would have given up long ago. Saw this on a placard once: "If pregnancy is god's will then so is limp dick." Take care.

So what are people like me to do, then? I am asexual- my birth control pills are for a hormonal condition I have. Should my insurance that I pay for not cover it because "Don't have sex"? Do I somehow deserve a lesser standard of care or privacy because of someone else's backwards morals?


People like you should be covered by health insurance since your hormonal condition is not a choice. It's not about morals, it's about choice: sex is a choice, hormonal condition is out of your control. Insurance doesn't generally cover choice; Insurance generally covers things out of your control. You pay for your sex; insurance pays for your health.

The privacy issue still stands- no one should have to defend their need for medical care to a third party. I mean- how do they know I'm not lying and being a huge sloot on their dime? Do I have to prove my orientation in order to get care?


"no one should have to defend their need for medical care to a third party"
But that is exactly how you get insurance, you prove to them that you need it. As for proof, your doctor is the one writing a perscription for your hormonal issue. That is not you proving anything to a third party... that is your doctor saying "this person has a medical condition that requires this drug" and then the insurance accepting that doctors note and covering you. That a side-effect of your treatment is birth control is not at issue since the insurance isn't about side-effect but main effects.

Now, if you can find a doctor that would lie and write you a fake perscription saying you have this condition when you don't, then a) that reflects poorly on you for lying to have sex and b) that reflects poorly on a doctor who would be willing to defraud insurance for you to have sex.


I'm not at all surprised by the results of the poll so far, and I can't help but add my little "in the UK" anecdote. I imagine you've heard of the NHS, the best free healthcare provider in the entire world. My father is now cared for by the NHS. The nurses are efficient, personable and compassionate, and they don't cost us a penny. The entire institution is based on giving care to anyone who needs it for no up-front cost. So birth control is available to anyone who wants and/or needs it. I approve of this. Any organisation, private or national, that is dedicated to providing healthcare, should not get to nitpick as to the people for whom it administers care.


you are tlking about healthcare plans, employers coose the plans that are long as male sexually related needs are covered so should womens thinking viagra



Of course...


Yes. Yes. Yes
Those pills cost hardly nothing. What's the big deal. It's like any other medicine.
I'm thinking the insurance companies do not want to be held responsible for an unplanned pregnancy.


Yes, unless they'd rather pay for maternity leave or child care.

SamL Level 7 Dec 22, 2017

Absolutely. Birth control should be available to any woman who wants it for free. Even someone thats pro life should support birth control cause this would cut down on abortions

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