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What makes you smile like an idiot?

  1. Hearing my name called when my pizza comes out of the fire at Blaze pizza! 🍕❤

  2. Back massages 😀 (maybe even drool).

  3. Laying on a swimming pool float on a warm day.

  4. Watching my dog eat sticky rice.

  5. When people enjoy something I've cooked for them.

silvereyes 8 Dec 22

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This reminds me of walking into the local pizza joint to pickup my order and everyone knows my name and calls me out. It's actually a cool feeling.

balou Level 8 Jan 11, 2018

A young child's excitement


My cats.


Border collie puppies
Back and foot massages
Smiling eyes
Spooning into a warm body on a cold night
Rain on dry land




I am too easily amused to even begin.


lol what a cutie!
when someone is excited from a gift i have given them


My grandkids!
When I've been gone and my cat greets me at the door all stretched out waiting for belly rubs.
My sister's dogs rushing to see who can reach me first, tails wagging like crazy.
When a favorite upbeat song comes on.
When I've caught myself doing something silly or stupid.
When I'm in a relationship (not now 😟 ) and I hear the text notification.
The morning I get in the car for the beginning of a road trip to anywhere.


Waking up in the morning and finding I'm still alive!

skado Level 8 Dec 22, 2017
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