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I just arrived home in Pennsylvania after a month in the Everglades. I was fortunate to see a lot of very interesting critters, though saddened that so many were invasive. Here are some of the more common invasives I encountered during my trip.
Cuban knight anole
Cane toad
Cuban treefrog
Oscar (cichlid)
Mayan cichlid
Walking catfish

Insectra 8 Dec 31
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That toad is huge . Are those invasive creatures taking over rapidly and replacing the native creatures ?

Besalbub Level 7 Dec 31, 2019

And that's just a medium sized Cane toad!
Yes, the invasives are often out-competing, and in many cases feeding on, the native species.


Yes. Invasives are alarming to me as well.

Mooolah Level 8 Dec 31, 2019