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This is hypocrisy. Québec has made long strides to become secular but this little nagging issue is hypocritical to the path moving forward


François Legault won Quebec’s provincial elections last week and will soon become the next premier. He has already vowed to stop government workers — including cops and teachers — from wearing religious symbols like hijabs and yarmulkes and turbans “in order to protect Quebec’s secular society.” It’s a move that trounces on religious freedom in the name of religious neutrality and creates far more problems than it solves.

But if religious symbols have to go, then what about the large crucifix that hangs in Quebec’s National Assembly…?

Lukian 8 Oct 12
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and a crucifix necklace? or ring? how does that work?

AmmaRE007 Level 7 Nov 7, 2018

if the said person works for the government (civil servant) then they would not be allowed to wear that during while working.


Not sure why that surprises you but the Pure Laine element is still alive and well in much of Quebec society

Pure Laine culture does not equate to practicing Catholicism.


The crucifix was put in place in the National Assembly in 1936 by Prime Minister Maurice Duplessis, very right-wing and very close to the Catholic Church. The era he was in power is now known here as the "Grande Noirceur", the Great Darkness.
I didn't vote for Legault's party, I agree with his policy on secularism, but I think the crucifix at the National Assembly should be removed.


I think all we have to do is look to literal insanity happening in the states an the fact they are going through the second uncivil war this time its a war of words mostly political.I think that same war of words is happening in Quebec.Going back to the states secular groups challenged the hypocracy to symbols by errecting a statue of the satin right next to the 10 commandments i forget what bible belt town that was there wasa video on youtube about that.


How about the mummified heart of that priest in the Oratory in Montreal, creepy as fuck.

Surfpirate Level 9 Oct 12, 2018

creepy but not illegal since it's a place of worship. (you meant the St-Joseph Oratory right?)

@Lukian That's the one, the place where idiots climb up stone stairs on their hands and knees so they can be cured of their arthritis. If they want to keep their creepy heart on display then they should pay business taxes like every other going concern.

@Surfpirate agree

"Hey kiddo! Put that back in the jar!"
(local stand-up joke about that heart)


His reasoning for letting it remain is that the crucifix is a part of Quebec heritage. If that is the case.. it should be put in a museum where such icons and relics of history can be observed and studied within the larger context of Quebec's colorful back story.

Davekp Level 8 Oct 12, 2018

They all have to go then.


They must have an answer? None yet?

The crucifix should never have been there in the first place though.

Umbral Level 8 Oct 12, 2018

true but it is and it should be removed.


Yes, there is clearly a double standard.

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