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I just joined because I'm looking for some advice and guidance, please. I have a neighbor who is neglecting their cat. I did not realize this until yesterday when their little girl told me her parents had let the cat's five kittens starve to death even though the man had told me he was going to find a rescue organization. The girl also told me the momma cat was sick. I went by the house this morning with some treats and the cat came to me and was very friendly. She clearly has something wrong with her skin and fur. I'm going to the pet store soon to get some food, litter, toys and other supplies because I think I need to steal her away from there. Any words of wisdom on treating her condition at home until I can get her to a vet next week? Also, I have a dog and I wonder if my dog can contract whatever the cat might have (mange or mites?) I didn't see any fleas on the cat, but I couldn't check too closely. My dog takes NexGard to prevent a flea infestation on her. So sorry for this long post, but thank you in advance for your help!

dkp93 8 Sep 19
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@dkp93 Report them. This is the information for your area: []

I have a very bad feeling that the Police showed up without questioning why this was happening? Does this man work in law enforcement?
Make sure you tell whoever you talk to not only about what you saw - but that the little girl told you about the kittens dying.
That is also Child Abuse.

I'm feeling like the parent(s) need to be reported to DCFS. That's horrifying.
He let kittens starve to death and his small child saw/knows this!

If the police you talked to today won't help? Call 211 - they may be able to tell you who to speak to. But start with the ASPCA. They're the correct animal authorities in your area.

RavenCT Level 9 Sep 20, 2020

Needs rescuing..... the sooner, the better. Take the kitty in, but isolate from your dog in a closed room until you know more. Maybe report through the vet.

@dalefvictor Thank you both for your replies. I brought her home yesterday afternoon after buying a bunch of supplies. She's currently hanging out in the spare bedroom. I gave her a bath last night and was horrified to discover that the substance matting her fur was actually dried blood! She was covered from the shoulders to her tail. I don't think it was hers as she doesn't have any wounds. I washed her with some Dawn and a little vinegar then gave her a pill, and she seems to be flea free now. She's as sweet as can be and starts purring as soon as I walk in the bedroom. She let's me hold and pet her as long as I want, with her purring loudly nonstop. Poor thing has needed some love and attention. I've reached out to a couple of local rescues. Not sure if I can keep her because she seems to hate my dog, even though my pup has been a kind but curious hostess.

@dkp93 I wonder if the owner ever bothered to clean her up after she gave birth to the kittens, and ht blood may have been from the afterbirth.

@dkp93 I am glad you rescued her. I am wondering if you should tell the rescue that you just found her as a stray and don't mention the neighbors. That way they can't possibly think of returning her to them.

@dkp93 Give her time, she could warm up to the dog. Everything is too different for her now, & I'm glad you got her away from ''that''. A few days of care, food, attention, & cleanliness will totally change her to a whole new kitty. I feel terrible for her kittens. If nobody notices her gone, then I'd tend to keep her in the house, & not say anything, but then you have to make the decision.

@snytiger6 I saw her a few times after she had the kittens in the spring. She was clean.

@dkp93 Well something was definitely not right, & I'm glad you got her away from it.

@Lilac-JadeCanada @itsmedammit @dalefvictor Well, two cops in two cars just showed up at my house to take the cat back to him. I bawled in front of them telling them why I took her and that she was covered in blood. He didn't mention to the cops that he had killed the kittens. Fucking bastard.

@dkp93 SON OF A BITCH!!!!! Now reporting needs doing.....spca....somebody.

@dkp93 Crap!


As I read this I am sick. I do not approve of people not taking acre of their animals. I would contact animal control or the local animal shelter and see what they saw. If all goes well you can just take the cat and care for it. At least that is what I would do. If it is an outdoor cat, you could just start feeding it and caring for it and it will come to you. We have gotten several cats this way. They show up, we care for them, they come inside and they are ours. If the present owners start looking for the cat just keep quiet. Or if you give them the cat, it might just come back, quickly. Cats are smart and find where they are loved and cared for.

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