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What a good idea LOL

By Sheannutt9
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DeeWoman Level 7 June 16, 2018

Rugs, clothes, car seats... I think about cat fur before I buy any of that stuff.

kmdskit3 Level 8 June 16, 2018

The bed spread and furniture too.

OldGoat43 Level 8 June 16, 2018

I'd have to go with particolor rugs as my cats range from black to white, with brown and orange shades in between... (;

Zster Level 8 June 16, 2018

Oh wow


I invested in my sanity, I bought a robovac. I call it Roscoe, and not only does it vacuum, it amuses the cats too.

HippieChick58 Level 9 June 16, 2018

That's really a good idea

@Sheannutt Vacuuming was very far down on my list of priorities, it is a relief not to have to worry about it.

There's a hilarious story online somewhere about a family who programmed their robot vacuum to run starting at one a.m. They forgot about the fact that they had a new puppy in the house. As you might expect, the puppy pooped overnight, the robot vac ran through it and left a poop trail across several rooms. I had been interested in a robot vac until that point. But I have kitties who yak up hairballs on a regular basis, and I have no desire to clean them up here...and here... and here.

Here's the whole story on the "pooptastrophe":


@citronella I don't set Roscoe to run after I go to bed. It make too much noise. One time it delayed cleaning for charging,and it stated up after all the lights were out. I saw lights from the living area, and I got my bat out of my closet. I'm so glad I did not call 911 on my Robovac. It only runs while I'm up, and I've never had a cat accident that I didn't catch before Roscoe ran. One of the cats like to box with Roscoe, which I think is why his cleaning was delayed.


I Have A Tartan Carpet!

Coldo Level 8 June 16, 2018
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