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Confirmed by science!!!!

By poetdi567
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Ask any cat, they'll say that the universe revolves around them.

I_dont_know Level 7 Oct 11, 2018


Hathacat Level 9 Aug 30, 2018

Finally some one figured out who is in charge.

dalefvictor Level 8 Aug 29, 2018

Yes, and they are constantly testing if gravity is still functioning by knocking things off of things.

Captain747ex Level 7 Aug 29, 2018

They do seem worried about that. When gravity changes, they will know it is time to go home to their planet? If I was a good writer, I would do a sci-fi novel, lol.

@Hathacat It would be a great story. I hope you do write it someday. I'm sure you're better than you think.

@Captain747ex Thanks, but not my strong point!

@Hathacat You're welcome. It is a great idea though.

@Captain747ex I need to sort of tell the story to someone and they write it. That I could do! They "fill" it in, lol.

@Hathacat Sounds good, I look forward to reading it.


Lol so true?

Sheannutt Level 9 Aug 29, 2018

Good post, I'm making a note of that.

Ray13 Level 8 Aug 29, 2018

Cats rule, who ever thought otherwise.

HippieChick58 Level 9 Aug 29, 2018
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