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Mazie isn't too thrilled with the situation, but this is the closest they've been without fighting. Milestones! ?

By Kynlei8
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They look like my fur kids. I have one dark tabby and one ginger. I have had the ginger about 2.5 years and the other about 1.5. I saw them sleeping butt to butt on my bed last week, and I was thrilled.

HippieChick58 Level 9 Mar 28, 2019

I'd be thrilled to see that too. My two girls have been together for 9 years and they love each other, but they're not cuddly at all. Even with their mutual hate for the new kid. lol


My first thought was that the older one was about to do a smack down. Does take time doesn’t it?

Hathacat Level 9 Mar 28, 2019

I think the girls would be more tolerant of him if he'd stop chasing them and jumping on them. He just wants to play, but they do not. I don't think there's a way to stop him and I don't think they're going to hurt him, so I just kind of let it happen. They hiss and hide and nobody is hurt, but it's hard hearing them snarl at him.


She looks like she is ready to bop him one.

itsmedammit Level 8 Mar 27, 2019

Actually I think they will be snuggling soon. The Munch is irresistible.

You weren't wrong. It happened not long after I took the picture. lol

@itsmedammit I sure can’t resist Munchie.


They will come to common ground!!!

RobertNappi2 Level 8 Mar 27, 2019

Eventually, yes. Then we have to worry about the 3rd one. She hates him more than Mazie, I think.


l hate it when l have to fight off the groupies.

nogod Level 7 Mar 27, 2019
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