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Stolen from f'buck singles -

FrayedBear 9 May 31
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Because I don’t find it humorous, for one. And, I also think it expresses an attitude about women that is disturbing.

Apparently, I’m not the only one that was disturbed.

If you find it humorous, good for you. I don’t have a problem with that. Had I a problem with that, or felt sufficiently upset by the poor grammar or the misogynistic bent of the meme to the extent I wanted to complain publicly about it, I would have commented. I chose not to. Had I wanted to make it a big deal, I would have commented. But I didn’t. Thanks for calling me out.

Rob1948 Level 7 June 1, 2019

The point is that I am not a mind reader. You choose to label my remark as "calling out". It is a plea to get to know you better. It is not some sort of imposition or perhaps even a danger - there is no law yet against expressing your beliefs. If there was we would get rid of 5 billion god believers!

If the members of this site are to have an understanding of each other such explanations and reasonings should be the norm.

There are many people on this site who "have given up".

There are many who prefer cats and dogs as companions - their action speaks louder than their words.

The ball is back on your side of the playing field.

@FrayedBear You could have asked me by sending a message, particularly if your interest was in “getting to know me.” Instead, you chose to make it public.

@Rob1948 Down here we used to be uncloseted. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve and I am rarely ashamed of what I say.

@FrayedBear Has absolutely nothing to do with what I say and everything with trying to not create controversy in your post. But, hey, you have accomplished what I tried to avoid.

And, don’t make assumptions. It’s impolite and insulting.

@Rob1948 You are familiar with projection?

@FrayedBear oh yes...I’m quite familiar with the term.

I was responding to your comment “I am rarely ashamed of what I say.” I took it as a reference to my preferring to not make a public comment, suggesting that I might have been ashamed. And, just so you know, why would you even say that if the comparison had not crossed your mind? I never said anything to suggest I might have been ashamed of what I said so there was no reason for you to make that comment based on what I said.

Now, what was it you said about projection.

@Rob1948 " I am rarely ashamed of what I say" where do I mention you in that statement?

@FrayedBear your last statement is missing a word or two. I’m guessing that you were saying “...where do [ I ] mention you...”.

I never said you mentioned me. I said the only reason for you to make that comment was as an oblique reference to me because I gave you no reason to think otherwise.

@Rob1948 corrected, thank you.


@Kahuna & @Rob1948 why the grumpy 😡 dislike emojis to my post?

FrayedBear Level 9 June 1, 2019

It isn't always about a man not wanting her . Sometimes it's about not wanting the men available . And sometimes , she doesn't need to get a cat . Sometimes it's a kind heart , rescuing another lonely heart . In my case , I was very surprised to find I had house mates . A cat had moved onto my side porch and had a litter of six kitties , before I knew she'd moved in . She was looking for a safe protective place to raise her kitties . She decided my place fit the bill .

Cast1es Level 9 May 31, 2019

Aw! There you go, someone needed you. . . or decided that you were an easily manipulated soft touch?

That tells me volumes about you as a person. Be proud.

I have two who have moved in with me in the 8 months since Hurricane Florence . I am still trying to win over the little skinny yellow male . I petted him for about 3 minutes yesterday . We all need kindness in our life, especially the lonely animals .

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