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The inseparable twins

chiara23k 5 Jan 22
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bobwjr Level 9 Jan 25, 2020

Mine are actually sisters..


Hi, I have 3 senior cats, 17, 16 and 15, all quite healthy, living in cottage country in Ontario, Canada, home of fresh water lakes!
My dearest heart is Lilly my long haired white with black stripes, Sophie the oldest is also in the pic, and she’s a sweetie too!
But Lilly talks back, is demanding, and expects her demands to be met! She’s always talking, answers my questions and tells me what she wants me to do!
Zoe not in the pic is my half feral girl, the youngest and most difficult to deal with!
I also volunteer once a week at a feral or Cattery in the small town close to me where we take in the homeless, catch the feral, neuter or spay and then keep them while we determine how adoptable they are! We had 8 kittens this summer and fall which we socialized and have adopted out to good homes in pairs!
I love working there, so much joy and satisfaction!

Yep, I went in for one kitten and I got suckered into bringing home two.

@chiara23k me too. But I’m glad because the second one turned out to be the more affectionate and quite a character who makes me laugh all the time! Also they’re so cute because they cuddle and groom each other when they are chasing each other around the place.


Good company for each other.

Susieq Level 7 Jan 23, 2020


Lilac-Jade Level 8 Jan 22, 2020

Cute kitty

bobwjr Level 9 Jan 22, 2020

Cute kittehs !


Hmm... This may just be a guess, but I think they are probably fraternal twins, not identical.

They are cute though.

snytiger6 Level 9 Jan 22, 2020

no.they are not twins. but they are inseparable. I adopted them from the humane society and was told they are a month apart.


They're so pretty!!

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