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A bird? Bad cat... Human hypocrisy.

snytiger6 9 Feb 1
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My babies live inside at night and use my front door like a revolving door during the day! I feed between eight to ten feral cats daily. I know the hunt other smaller animals , since I started feeding them, I have not seem the amount of killers animals around my neighborhood!

Also the possums and raccoons eat the food I leave out at night!
I have not had any garbage can raids since I started feeding at night!!!

I got tired of constantly opening the doer for the cats, so I had an cat door installed into the sliding screen door.

I still play doorman durign the winter though.


Simple, don't let them outdoors. Killing birds and chipmunks or getting killed by cars or perverts, even bringing home tics and fleas is enough to know about it.

OldGoat43 Level 8 Feb 1, 2020

My cats are always indoors.

@Lilac-Jade . Mine too. Zippy doesn't even want to go out if I leave the door open while getting my mail. He knows it's dangerous.

I've tried to keep cats indoors... They seem to have their own ideas about it. Some just don't take to being indoor only cats.

@snytiger6 . I understand how it is with some cats. I had that problem too, and I mourn the loss of that one to a street accident.


When I was a teenager my cat was let in the house and the door opener did not notice the bird in her mouth. I was sick in bed, and she hopped up on my bed to proceed to enjoy her fruits of her labor. I didn't mind so much she got a bird, I DID mind where she wanted to eat it. I had to call for reinforcement as I was in no shape to deal with it. Kitty girl was supremely pissed off to be denied her capture.



bobwjr Level 9 Feb 1, 2020

I guess because pets are usually well fed and would just be hunting for sport. Put a picture of the Trump boys on ther and you have a case.

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