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I just joined so I thought the first thing I should do is share my beautiful bastard cats with you all.

IrishTommy 4 Apr 3
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They are very pretty or handsome 😃. Welcome to the group!!


Hi, Tommy, and welcome to the club. Great looking cats. Not too many Agnostics from the auld sod. You'll find friends here.

Spudgun Level 6 Apr 3, 2020

G'day Tommy. They don't look like bastards to me!

And I live in the land where everyone is either a bastard or a c*nt.

@IrishTommy never called my old girl that. She was with me for 23 years.
What part of the auld country are you in?

@IrishTommy Sadly I never got there. Last visit was Donegal 50+ years ago. They were very proud that the electricity had just been put on. Still had to walk half a mile with a bucket to get water from a roadside water pipe though. A fondly remembered trip.

@IrishTommy A school mate & I reckon that our time was best. This youtube brings back fond memories:

@IrishTommy I once had an Australian lover who was raised on a farm riding horses from a very early age, no quad or motorbikes just a horse and a Massey Ferguson. Oh and 300 days of sunshine - I envied her. I've since come to despise the xenophobic godbothering & ignorance of many Victorians.
An interesting read for you on Victorian practice (I've read other reports that stated that Vollmer served a few months in prison. The sect was an off shoot of Lutherans - note the germanic names.)[]


Hi and welcome. Nice looking kitties.


Tommy, Welcome, if you fill out more of the questions and just a short bio it will help. Also check out []
you can get help navigating the site.

glennlab Level 9 Apr 3, 2020
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