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Has this been posted yet? ???

By CaroleKay8
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44 yesterday, and I have 5 cats.

TaraMarshall Level 7 May 21, 2018

Not seeing a problem here.. Right now, its just me and Jim, but ive had at max like 4 regular cats show up, and id have to (this was a while ago) and, oh darn can't just leave these kittens.. Just depended on the situation. I was on a farm at the time. Cat farmin!

rafferty Level 6 May 20, 2018

The suggestion is "eccentric cat-person"?

I_dont_know Level 7 May 20, 2018

LOL! I'm 60 and divorced, and live with two cats.

HippieChick58 Level 9 May 19, 2018

@DianaGinger They are the bestest! I have had cats most of my life and will try to always have at least one cat.

@DianaGinger I like the fur, and I own a robovac so the hair is less of an issue. And I'm not anything close to a neatnick. I can live with the hair.

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