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Not sure who needs to hear this, but a lot of the people in this group are exactly whom this song was written for:

Janus819 7 Jan 27
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I would need lyrics to understand what the writer of this song is saying. I cannot understand much of it.

I think many musical artists of this age group really don't care about whether their song lyrics are understandable or hearable to older people. That's their prerogative, but it makes for their music being limited in who it reaches and influences, which should be a consideration in protest or political songs. Esp. since our generation tends to vote in way higher percentages than people under 30.


@Janus819 Thank you for the lyrics. I can’t say I agree with the songwriters assumptions on Atheists.

@Redheadedgammy All of them? No. I don't think he said all though. Just a lot.

@Janus819 Yes you're right, I made an assumption too. All the Atheists I know are not like the ones the songwriter is talking about. Appreciate your response.


I think I'm too old for this artist to give a damn what I think about their song, but, at my age an artist needs to make their music listenable for me if I am going to get their message and respect it. The rapping is too fast for me to follow and the music is way too loud for me to focus on the lyrics. I was able to get the general idea of the song, which seems to be that leftist atheists are so enthralled by socialism that they dismiss and fail to respect the sincere religious beliefs and practices of believers who might be current or potential allies in the fight against the powers that be. I do not feel I am guilty of that, as I have no beef with believers who are conscientious citizens that support democracy, equality, and the separation of church and state. My beef and reason for dismissing some believers and their religious beliefs is when they support inequality, fascism, and the establishment of a theocracy. It will be interesting to see what other members post for comments on this, esp. the Boomer age members who will likely by put off by the music style.

I don't think he wants them to respect Christians, he wants them to either give up on state worship or stop calling themselves atheists. "You are a fraud, stop acting like you don't believe in God!" He just wants them to stop being "hypocritical" and a "walking contradiction."

The separation of church and state is a good principles, but I'm not sure about "democracy" and "equality." Every time the state runs a crusade in the name of "democracy" it just winds up creating another Muslim theocracy. And what happened to "separate is inherently unequal"? Do you want everyone else to die?
Edit: to be clear, this is a joke. I do not assume you want everyone to die.



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