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Millionaire Moderate Democrats Vote Down Minimum Wage Increase

While millions of American families struggle, just to put food on the table and to make ends meet during the pandemic, eight members of the Democratic caucus happily joined in with all 50 Republican senators, to kill an amendment allowing a $15 minimum wage provision attachment to the Senate's coronavirus relief package bill.

In response, progressives were quick to point out that nearly every single lawmaker who voted against the raise for low-paid workers nationwide - happened to be a millionaire. This included Arizona Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, who even did a little dance as she gave a thumbs down to the minimum wage provision. Now, if they knew Sen. Sinema was gonna do a dance routine, I’m sure minimum wage workers would have told her to “break a leg.”

Anyway, all I can say is, with friends like them - who needs Republicans? But, I understand the point they’re trying to make. After all, everyone knows that $15 an hour is such a generous wage, that only people with advanced Ivy League degrees deserve to earn that kinda dough. I mean, if we start paying everyone huge $15 dollar-an-hour salaries, then what the hell’s the point of going to Harvard or Yale?

Oh sure, it’s true that the nation’s 614 billionaires added an additional $1.3 trillion dollars to the fortunes during the pandemic, while most everyone else’s net worth decreased dramatically, but that’s only because those billionaires worked 1.3 trillion times harder than the rest of us did.

And, as I’m quite sure any of those billionaires would be more than happy to inform us, if we increase that minimum wage to a living wage, then those very folks who’ve been working those rotten jobs at starvation wages with no benefits, might very well lose those very jobs that have been keeping them living in abject property all this time. Wow, who knew billionaires were that concerned about our well-being?


johnnyrobish 7 Mar 7
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As long as there are replacements we will be replaced

NHwoodsman Level 3 Mar 13, 2021

The neoliberal democrats have no intention of supporting the increasing of minimum wage. They just sucked on the tit of its popularity to get elected.
The progressives are the only ones pushing for this way overdue change.

Canndue Level 7 Mar 7, 2021

Yeah..Jeff Bozos might loose his trillionaire status..

Charlene Level 9 Mar 7, 2021

Bezos, Walmart, Mcd's, all sickening. Fuck them. These corporations are bleeding their employees and our country to death.


Ours said it was too quick and would hurt small businesses , not sure but they always voted for raises before and our minimum wage is higher than federal

bobwjr Level 9 Mar 7, 2021

An example of poor communication, writing and planning of bill. Dems knew these senators would say no. It’s my understanding that the DE, NH, ME and AZ senators said no because their states already have minimum wages above where this bill starts and as written, it would have a negative impact. The others needed to be corralled into the right vote. Another bill Bernie can say he tried and failed to get done because DNC are to blame.

21 states have starting pay above $7.25p.h
(De is $8.25 Me is $11, Az is $12). That leaves 29 states that Don't pay above the Federal Minimum. I live in Mass, our minimum went up to $13 on January 1st. Our 2 Senators still Voted in favor of Raising the minimum wage. Cause you know, people Deserve a living wage even in Red States. But yeah, keep apologizing for Moderate Dems lack of spine and foresight.

Btw New Hampshire minimum wage is $7.25..

@Charlene well then I got bad information because this is what was reported on progressive radio. Arizona is $12.15, Delaware is $10.25 and Maine is $12.15. I can’t speak to NH except their state motto is Live Free or Die so you get the gist.


You know the bill raised the wage over 5 years, right? It doesn’t start at $15! Personally I think it should much be higher now and tied to cost of living.

@Killtheskyfairy agree that it should absolutely start, immediately at $15, and advance to $24ph over 5 years. Hell a can of Diced Tomatoes costs nearly $2 bucks, a Gallon of milk is over $4 and rents here in the Boston area Start at $1200 monthly for a 1 bedroom..

@Killtheskyfairy hey, no dissing the great state oh NH!

The minimum wage should be indexed so it gets adjusted yearly. That way we don’t get into this non-stop bs every few years.

@Charlene yes and we rely on all the temp visa workers we can get because they will work, the majority of young people will not do hospitality work to any degree of success


And they wonder why people think there's no difference in the parties! There is, but it's not enough!

When it comes to issues of money and class, there really is no difference, which is why 80 million eligible voters drop out.

Bullshit! The parties are polar opposites and people who say otherwise are ignorant idiots.

Everything has shifted drastically towards the Right, the biggest jump was Raygunomics (Reagan). Income disparity has accelerated with the pandemic.

@Killtheskyfairy Indeed, we now have Center and Right!

@MizJ I disagree. The Democrats may have come to the center but the republicans are so far right they are still the opposite.

@Killtheskyfairy Sorry but I think @MizJ has it right. The Dems are still afraid of being labeled "socialist" and, naturally, are just as susceptible to the influence of big money as anyone would be in a system that is based on electing whoever has the best PR. You have to remember that the system was designed by the wealthy, many of whom were slaveholders, to protect their interests. FDR s the closest we ever came to recognizing the value of average citizens, and they've been trying to rescind every progressive program ever since.

@Killtheskyfairy Yes, the entire spectrum has shifted to the Right. What was Right previously is now the FAR Right. That is what neoliberalism has done for us.

@MizJ Blah, blah, blah! I have said the same for years but still no reason to say both parties are the same when they are not.

@Killtheskyfairy I didn't say they were the same. One is Far Right, the other Center.

@MizJ you responded to my answer that both parties were not the same. All the arguments you made were just preaching to the choir if you look at my profile.

@Killtheskyfairy I don't recall having to read one's profile in order to properly respond?

@MizJ nobody said you did but you didn’t respond to my what I wrote so there’s that...

@Killtheskyfairy Note that I did NOT say both parties ARE the same - I said: "people think..." And many people do; this is an example of why they might think so. But I DO think neither party truly deserves the description "leftist" or "progressive" anymore. So claiming they are polar opposites would be incorrect, it would be like claiming a Porsche and a Yugo were polar opposites when the polar opposite of owning a Porsche is having no car at all!

@1BrentMichael great double speak and wiggle words. We can all see what you wrote so don’t lecture me about anything.

Unfortunately, the neoliberals (of both parties ) still rule.
They way I see it, the dems screw over the citizens then lie about trying to help.
The repuglicans screw over the citizens, and don’t even care enough to lie about it....

@Killtheskyfairy Apparently you ignored my original comment - or you just are having trouble with understanding that "opposite" does not mean "opposite in the current spectrum, which only includes the middle-to-far right parts of the complete spectrum."

No double-speak, no wiggle words. Just your erroneous use of "polar opposites."

@1BrentMichael more mansplaining about definition of polar opposites? 😂. I guess the current actions in Congress are going right over your head. []

@Killtheskyfairy What does my gender have to do with your inability to understand English? Is MizJ also "mansplaining?" It's not "mansplaining" when you are obviously ignorant, which would be the case regardless of your gender.

@Killtheskyfairy Oh, and before you call somebody an "ignorant idiot," look in the mirror!

@1BrentMichael more whataboutism from the floriduh mansplainer who can’t see a difference in the political parties despite the example given. You are an ignorant idiot based on your past remarks and I’d avoid a mirror if I looked like you.

@Killtheskyfairy Are you a tRumpanzee? You sound just like him!

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