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Right-Wing Marine Lt. Colonel Posts Domestic Terrorist Threats

After being relieved of his duties and slated to be ushered out of the Marine Corps for posting an online video questioning senior military officials while in uniform and rank insignia, disgraced Marine Lt. Colonel Stuart Scheller posted a more recent video, with a chess set in front of him, issuing the threat “You have no idea what I’m capable of doing.” Col. Scheller then continued with a series of additional thinly-veiled threats, warning about a secret society called the “Bellwether Alliance,” and urging people to “Follow me and we will bring this whole fucking system down.”

Now, say what you want, but I can relate to how this guy feels, because this is exactly how I felt the other day at Costco, when they asked me to show my club card. Why, I thought, “you don't know what I'm capable of.” The thing is, we all have to find that place to take our stand, and - because it was such a hot day, I figured I’d make mine over by the frozen foods.

So you see, when you put it all in perspective, Colonel Scheller’s domestic terrorist threats don’t really sound all that concerning after all, do they? Why, whenever I find myself questioning my own sanity, I just take a good look at most of the people around me, and I don’t feel all that whacked-out. Of course, the fact that I mostly hang out with complete lunatics, does help quite a bit.

Anyway, what I found really impressive about this Colonel Scheller guy, is that he made this video with a chess set right in front of him. I guess that was intended to show what a “deep thinker” he really is. Of course, our chess wizard seems to have a wee bit of a problem, in that he appears to have also just “checkmated” himself.

On the other hand, while Scheller may be giving up his military career by making terrorist threats, those videos he posted should be about all he needs to get elected to congress. After all, those ramblings were so downright incoherent, they’ll no doubt be a huge hit throughout the entire Trump universe. Why, it can’t be long before he’ll be saying “Hey Marjorie Taylor Greene - save me a seat!”


johnnyrobish 7 Aug 30
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eeewww creepy guy


A True Domestic Terrorist!!!

This traitor should be imprisoned for crimes against the citizens of this country!!!


"A mind is a terrible thing to waste."

BirdMan1 Level 8 Aug 30, 2021

He should be court-martialed and imprisoned for life.


Guys like this make my blood boil. He swore to protect and defend the constitution and openly violates that oath. If they decided to go after him, retirement wouldn't protect him since he is a field grade officer, he is subject to the UCMJ for life. I wish the USMC woulds make a real example of him instead of just allowing him to retire at 75% of his base pay.

glennlab Level 9 Aug 30, 2021

Hi Glenn! I didn't include all that he put on those videos because I'm writing satire here, but he mentioned (in the videos) he will give up his pension. When they (the USMC) initially relieved him of his command, they (according to him) were simply going to stick him somewhere at a desk for the 3 years he had before he could retire and let it go at that, but he chose to defy them and speak out again, knowing he would lose all his pension, etc.


Love your sense of humor.

Thank you my friend!

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