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What Single-Payer means to me:
I pay $800 a month for full coverage insurance. When my middle child was diagnosed with ASD level 2 we found out his therapy was not covered because my insurance was "Self Funded" - state law mandates it be covered otherwise. I petitioned HR and successfully got it added. Took almost a year to get it all straightened out. Now we pay more than $600 a month for the therapy after insurance. In January it will go up to over $1000 a month - our part after insurance. I've used up the college fund for my oldest, took a loan on my 401k, and maxed out credit cards just to pay for everything.

That is why I am for single-payer healthcare. My medicare taxes are around $100 a month. They could increase my taxes 10 fold and I would still come out way ahead. And pay for my oldest's college. And retire some day.

Maybe if we figure out a way to give the Donald a cut he would go for it.

By towkneed7
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Sorry, you live in the richest third world nation on earth. Perhaps if your government cut its military spending and stop propping up racist nations in the name of oil there might be money for what most of the free world and some of the not so free consider a human right. You shouldn't have to go bankrupt because someone in your family is ill.

HeathenFarmer Level 8 Aug 21, 2018

You should be looking at how to clean up your own garden, not ours.

I agree. And I vote. And not for the current administration. The part about giving Trump a cut was meant to be a joke and to imply that he's absolutely corrupt.

@MissKathleen Maybe its time that you stopped defending your failed state got off your ass and actually did something. Our garden is considered to be one of the best in the world.

@heathenfarmer Maybe you don’t know anything about me OR my activism. In fact, I am highly critical of MY government and doing so in an extremely conservative environment. Maybe I think it is not my place to make judgements about the government of other countries. Maybe YOU should mind about your own damn government and let Americans mind about theirs.

@MissKathleen If only Americans would mind their own business, they are constantly interfering in the affairs of nearly every nation on earth including mine. As for your activism, good on you but it is obviously not enough as you continue to support your government; in there lies the problem. Your government is there to serve and support you, not you to serve and support it. Since I am not an American(thank Dog) i can do nothing to change your nation to make your government serve its people other than offer advise including criticism to help you make those changes.

@HeathenFarmer It is not "Americans" butting in; it is the American government, over whom sane people now have no control...but we ARE working on it. You have no idea who I am or what I support, or do not support, so quit making unfounded remarks about me personally. Since you are not an American, that is why you should mind your own business. We neither need nor want your advice or criticism. Mind your own garden, brother.

@MissKathleen Did you even bother to read what I wrote? Not the American people interfering in other nations give me a break, every time "your" government interferes in the affairs of another nation its approval rating goes up. This is how Trump will be elected for a second term.

@HeathenFarmer For the last time, MYOB.


never He will only go fro ripping you off and killing you and your family. he needs to go and I do not know hay even the dems are being so complacent

squiggy_70 Level 6 Aug 20, 2018

I can assure you as a political activist, working in the group Indivisible we as grassroots are NOT complacent. We work every day to get the Trump admininistration and the Republican Congress to shut it down by voting these creatures out.

Yeah. That part about giving him a cut was meant as a joke and to imply that he is 100% corrupt.

And I don't know why you think people are complacent. There's been more than one Congress member calling for his impeachment. And there's been a great deal of protest. In fact, I think the public outcry against the separation of families is what caused that policy to be reversed. Progressives in general have been anything but complacent. Maybe some mainstream Dem politicians are not being as vocal as they should, but most of us are doing what we can. Not that I always align with the Democrats - I'm left of them.


yep.. and they are dropping rich people's taxes not people like us. How is ti trump bots do not get this? and now trumps defense bill sailed through with democrats voting for it. I haven't found out who though.
Do you know? and Georgia is closing 7 voting site mostly in Black neighborhoods. My fear is they won this election by fraud what is to stop them again? 53% of people not voting sure didn't help either

squiggy_70 Level 6 Aug 20, 2018

I am so sorry. We were in a similar situation when my youngest was diagnosed at 4 in 2010. It was financial ruination.

SaucyCheryl Level 8 Aug 20, 2018

Yes! Please check out my group Make America Healthy Again. I am trying to organise a grassroots awareness and lobbying campaign.


Thank you for sharing that. Of all the industrialized/first world countries you only hear stories like yours in the US. I lived in Belgium when younger. Universal, single-payer healthcare is so much better and, as you've pointed out, cheaper overall than what we're doing now.

kmdskit3 Level 8 Aug 20, 2018

In my view, the ONLY solution is Universal Health Care, free for all.

(Screw The Donald, to boot).

Healthcare in this country is a disgrace.

LetzGetReal Level 8 Aug 20, 2018
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