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Mnuchin Tries to Delay Trump’s Travel Costs Disclosures Until After Election

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is reportedly trying to prevent the Secret Service from revealing how much money it has spent protecting President Trump and his adult children on all their travels - until after the November election.

Gee, for being “the most transparent administration in all of history,” Trump sure seems to like to hide a lot of information.

I mean, for a guy who heavily criticized Obama when he’d play an occasional round of golf, turns out Mr Trump has played golf once for every 3.5 days he's been in the White House.

In fact, estimates now put Trump’s golfing expenses at nearly $121,000,000. All I can say is, Trump may not be the best President we’ve ever had, but he’s sure the most expensive.

And folks, that’s just the golf! Then, there’s all the dough we have to spend for all those endless Trump pep rallies, not to mention the money he stiffed the local communities for where the rallies were held.

Of course, his cult followers will tell you we need to be spending all that money protecting Donald Trump, because nearly every day someone makes a threat against the President and his family. Hell, I believe it - and that’s just old creditors and former Trump White House staffers!


johnnyrobish 7 Jan 10
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More corruption

bobwjr Level 9 Jan 10, 2020

He needs to pay for this shit. This is not a proper charge or legal use of tax payers money. Congress needs to draft some rules about how much vacation a president gets and the budget for it as well as to prepare his bill for this.


He and his wife have been looting the treasury since taking office😡😡😡😡😡😡

Charlene Level 9 Jan 10, 2020

Oh how I wish trump, his family and all his administration would all go over a cliff in a big bus!

If this is to happen, I hope the bus does not fall into a river as the pollution would be quite large. It would also be harmful if it were to fall down the side of a mountain, contamination, and chance of fire. Not the ocean. So it is starting to look like the best place for this to happen would be somewhere in Washington, D.C. or perhaps the bus could just run into trump tower, yea this works as he would have to pay to clean up the mess. Mara Lago would also be useful as no one will want to go there after he is in jail.

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