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US Funds ‘Independent Journalism’ in Cuba to Spread Propaganda, Ex-Spy Admits

Former CIA analyst Fulton Armstrong told The Guardian that, in Cuba, “a lot of the so-called independent journalists are indirectly funded by the US”. They spread anti-government disinformation with the support of the NED.

A former top CIA spy has admitted that the United States funds anti-government propagandists in Cuba who portray themselves as “independent journalists”.



When the Constitution was first drafted, an essential agreement within it was that America would not play roles in interfering with other nations. However, basically like every thing in that document, everything was basically left in the air to do the opposite, virtually right out of the gate. Quite frankly, it was simply another delusional construct. Today we have senators, congress people, and presidential administrations who travel the globe, or send others around the globe, towards purposely developing a sense of chaos to poke bees nest to incite discord which often leads to violence. While manufactured discord offers up a means towards developing false narratives, the violence then becomes a reasoning for further interjection.

Off the top of my head, you can relate this to the campaigns against Native American's right here in the US, the Philippines, Latin America of our beginning era. Spreading into WWl then quickly WWll, Asia, and Cuba. These were all for the most part administration doings that highly benefited the development of technology while obtaining geopolitical boundaries for resources and global dominance. Latin America and Cuba of course has been under attack this entire time to also combat socialistic governance. They can't allow us to witness how beneficial Marxist type socialistic governances are to societies. Rather than civilly working with them they must be forced into the capitalist system while being demonized.

After WWll came the development of the CIA who performed the type of deception you'll observe in this article. Since the Reagan administrations perception management campaign in the 80s, this type of deceptive measures have been past on to various groups lead by a few billionaires, NGOs, think tank groups often funded by the international ruling class and our governments. The National Endowment for Democracy mentioned in the article is just one of many. It has absolutely nothing to do with democracy! Everything to do with denying it to those it touches.

Another primary observance from this article should lead to the question, as Ben Norton exposes the Guardian, why are they exposing this deceptiveness practice while having also playing the same role? Well, that question is easily answered. Because it works in the long run. Short memory term is the symptom of the citizenship. The next time the Guardian puts out an article full of misinformation and disinformation for the ruling class and their owned governments, that citizenship will accept it as fact without applying critical thought to it. Even if there's a historic relevance challenging it. History becomes a traitor.

Just as WWll has become in the current Ukraine issue. Just think of all the money being put into these delusional realities that could have been used right here at home. Some figures have us closing in on a trillion dollars on the Ukraine manufactured war.

Yesterday after a report I posted

Germany agrees to send Ukraine 14 tanks. This isn't anything real meaningful outside of the civilians they'll most likely kill, Russia will destroy them fairly quickly. What was more meaningful was the statement Zelensky made after acknowledging getting them. Again, stating as always, it isn't enough, wanting more. Along with assurances to weapons makers and tech companies he can make them a lot of money by manufacturing more weapons for him. If you understand what the reality is here, that's him clearly letting the cat out of the bag.

Virtually speaking, maybe he'll send Germany a trident as a symbol of honoring their gift. A symbol that represents the pitch fork in which were used as significant measure of murdering millions of Polish during WWll. Maybe we can get a photo shoot of that resembling that of Herny Ford getting the Iron Cross from top level Nazi's in Germany for his support in reviving the German military in that era.

Another Ben Norton article posted today on that. I highly suggest viewing the video.

Ukraine’s Zelensky sends love letter to US corporations, promising ‘big business’ for Wall Street

In a video address to a US corporate lobby group, Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky thanked companies like BlackRock, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Starlink, insisting “everyone can become a big business by” investing in Ukraine, where “we are defending freedom and property”.


William_Mary 8 Jan 26
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