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Preview release of ChatGPT shows potential of artificial intelligence

Last week during my workweek morning ritual in regards to waking up with coffee and cigarettes and checking in (not enough yet obviously) before getting ready for work, I made a hasty reply in my short time filled with my ignorance to this ChatGPT crap. I'm not perfect! I occasionally, rarely 🙂 make the mistake of eye candy leads drawing me into comments of ignorance, or mistake/misread other comments.

I'm not shy to admit I sometimes have to repetitively read comments to fully understand the context. It comes with attempting to debate with others who have mastered the art of opposition who purposely use the injection of changing narratives and context of information while adding unsubstantial accusations, often lined with personal attacks. But then there's these people who are also simply uninformed within manipulative managed perception for many various reasons. Or the combination of both.

It was a hit on multiple fronts/replies that I first took as an attack on my post while overlooking this mention of recently new chat system. Still cleaning sleep out my eyes and morning hacks my head was beginning to spinning from a combination of contradictions and relatively sane conjectures. Which I took as coming from the same person. I apologized later and we seemed to meet on the same level later. Anyways----Here we go.


{However, while ChatGPT brings forward all the accomplishments of computer technology of the past 75 years on a world scale and possesses socially transformative potential, it also remains ensconced within capitalism, its private property for profit system and national state political structures.

Between are a number of other paragraphs to read.

Meanwhile, as with all other high tech innovation under capitalism, the power of ChatGPT and artificial intelligence are understood to fetch substantial contracts with the Pentagon and defense departments around the globe.}

Before my highlights above the article describes a sense of potential good uses for this system, with few current glitches. But then comes the bottom line which should beg the question, for whom. Essentially what we have here is a computer with AI abilities performing the same agenda as you would get from the many fact checking sites I have continuously warned about. They come with a directive agenda that is often only beneficial to a managed perception of a delusional reality steering us away from full disclosure. If they aren't purposely feeding you blatant lies. Distorting, misrepresenting, turning us away from alternative information sites that can provide more informative factual news. They have managed to make it that you do not trust yourselves. You're incapable of observing oppositional opinions to determine what the truth is. Afraid you might actually combine history and common sense together to discover how much they're trying to manipulate you. They're challenging your intellectuality, as they also manage to change history.

William_Mary 8 Apr 1
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I have to agree, while I quizzed ChatGPT about its sources, and it said that it accessed (providing some details of sources) sources from endemic sources (citizens of the said countries) and in their native languages (I asked it about Russia and Turkey in my query) it STILL is highly biased toward the USA and its system of practically everything it does.

Endemic sources, correlated to my above statements, along with people of academics, politicians, the various military and intelligence agencies, medias, all those we depend on who collude in regards to delivering our information can be dangerously biased to any given projection. Which is why I often attempt to get others to turn away from their normal means of relying on just one side.

I'm about to post a couple of links to RT which I've often advocate for on these forums. Essentially in regards to the RT International news program which delivers an entirely different scope of those attributes I mentioned above from around the globe. Those who in the past claim it's Russian propaganda as though this is a subject easily put in black and white only show their entrapment within negative indoctrination of a managed perception. As though what they're use to can't be entangled in negative propaganda.

@William_Mary Studies have shown that most people tend to beleive what they hear FIRST, as opposed to what they hear later, and the thugs in Washington seem to be well aware of that. I'm not sure what form of stupidity it is that makes people so sheep-like. Whatever stupidity it is, it and kristianity are bedfellows!

@Archeus_Lore which is the primary narrative to the agenda of my group at Out of the Illusion. To attempt to free people from that rabbit hole. If I can drag one person over a period of any time frame from that hole it's a win as far as I'm concerned. Over the years I've built a decent following that doesn't register on these forum visitors numbers that I can hope I've helped pull themselves from their hole. It's been a slow process on facehack over this past year, but people are waking up to the truth of the Ukraine war. Many who have in the past voiced strong opposition to my post have either gone silent, now lurk in the background, or left the site. The sole reason for that is due to time inevitably catching up to prove my post as being factual. Those who have left or are more silent I can hope they now look at MSMs and recognize the bullshit as it's delivered to them.

Our main objective today should be making people aware of the changes the global structure is going through. While pounding the manufactured war of Ukraine into their heads which has exacerbated this current changing period of these times. It is the proverbial straw that's breaking the hegemony camels back which can put the pieces of the puzzle together that people like you and I are attempting to expose. Everything that's wrong due to western hegemony is all wrapped up in the Ukraine issue and manufacturing Russia as an enemy. Inflation rates, food crisis, energy cost and shortages, terrorism, economies collapsing, etc. This war has exposed everything wrong with our western hegemony structured societies that are only able to benefit by deceiving the citizenships of by the MSMs coverage. Which is owned by and in part of the entire ruling class and bought entities of various type of groups manufacturing the fake content those medias deliver to us.

What is apparently coming is going to be a tough road to ride out, but it has the potential to take us some place a lot better. And we need representation in place that's ready and willing for the type of changes coming. We don't have many election cycles left to face this appropriately. And those coming up behind us don't have the luxury of time we've wasted.

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