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Harvested a little Basil today from my indoor garden... Will be harvesting some Kale soon too and my 3 indoor Tiny Tim Tomato plants are full of blossoms - Woohoo! Everybody can grow some food at home...

FrostyJim 7 Oct 27
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I might have to try that this winter. I have the grow lights.

RussRAB Level 7 Oct 29, 2020

Hey, I've been thinking about an indoor lettuce/kale box. Have you found certain lights better than others?

That depends on your shelf size. Get the best you can afford. I have 24" 4 T5 bulb grow lights that cost about $125 esch on 16 hour timer. They seem to work well.


Love the photo showing the snow outside - "man overriding his environment".

FrayedBear Level 9 Oct 27, 2020

Yum, I can taste a caprese salad already!
Flourescent bulbs? Indoors is a great idea, if only to cut down on insects and fungus - well at least here in Florida. Hmm, you've got me thinking.

Wisterious Level 7 Oct 27, 2020

really nice setup!
Does your inside basil have the same flavor as that grown outside?

Yes it does as long as you keep it trimmed so it does not bloom.


Looks good!!

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