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My yellow poinciana tree after the storm.

MizJ 8 Nov 11
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That's a sad loss, sorry!

Be cut off the broken bits, it will survive.


Several neighbours' trees suffered similar fates - & we're hundreds of kilometres from the sea & supposedly thousands from cyclones & typhoons.

FrayedBear Level 9 Nov 11, 2022

Maybe straight line winds?


@MizJ heavy gales on a flat plain. One year about 5 years ago I was sitting in the lounge and heard a sound like riffling of a deck of cards. It was the wind lifting & blowing the tiles off the roof. It left a hole the size of a LandCruiser!

@MizJ Fortunately no rain.

@FrayedBear After hurricanes roofing tiles are found that don't resemble any on nearby houses, not very high tech.

@MizJ It is only recently that hurricane proof standards were applied in building codes & then only in areas traditionally having hurricanes. I do not live in an area recognised for hurricanes. Wind whirly gigs are not considered.
Roof tiles have been used for millenia.

@FrayedBear Tiles have been around forever, I have asphalt shingles.

@MizJ lol, are they modern?


After our devastating bushfires, the trees looked totally dead, today they are back greener than before. The forests will take decades to fully recover, Each month you see more and more growth.

Kurtn Level 7 Nov 11, 2022

Always love that regrowth on gum trees. For some reason it reminds me of something that I'm not enamoured with - pubic hair.

@FrayedBear he he he You could borrow Agros ( Jamie Dunn)bathmat, he has not used it in years.

@Kurtn don't know it. Send photo.

@FrayedBear Jamie Dunn referred to his hairpiece as the bathmat. Both his and his puppet Agro

@Kurtn thanks. Never into Agro. My bathmat is one of those from Kmart or St Vincent's - the knobbly soft cotton job.


It will grow back and flower more prolifically than before.

Kurtn Level 7 Nov 11, 2022

It all went sideways and topsy turvy.

BDair Level 8 Nov 11, 2022

That's what happens when something gets hit with a hurricane eyewall! I was less than 20 feet away in the garage.


She's naked.

glennlab Level 9 Nov 11, 2022

Next summer it will be covered in yellow flowers, just fewer of them.

@MizJ I've been through several hurricanes including some of the worst to hit the gulf coast. Recovery is much faster and much slower than we expect. Some plants come back with a vengence and others limp back I hope you only lose one season.


Sorry it loaded sideways!

MizJ Level 8 Nov 11, 2022
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