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My Grandaughter reckons fairies should live here . It’s just a solar powered thing in amongst the self seeded nasturtiums .

Hebert54 7 July 23
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Have you checked to see if they do? I doubt it though as most of them are, too, busy making and delivering zucchinis this time of year.


Position some minature toy furniture around it.

Oh, sorry.
As a Colonial we've done away with that nonsense.


they probably do if i was a fairy I'd be in there like a shot!

jacpod Level 8 July 23, 2018


CeliaVL Level 7 July 23, 2018

"Faeries" do love Nasturtiums.
They come in the guise of Cabbage White Butterflies and others

Leafhead Level 8 July 23, 2018

The capricious little imp stage, no doubt

40 billion caterpillars in the flesh.
My Monarch project

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Children's imaginations are so open and creative.


One should always be welcoming to the fae. Else, they can be capricious imps, causing all kinds of mischief.

@Hebert54 β€œShe” being whom?

@Hebert54 Yes, she be of the fae at that age.

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