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First Bloom, Asclepias tuberosa

By Leafhead8
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Those are one of my favorites! I have an orange and yellow one, and they bloom twice a year. This type of Asclepius is not an easy one to start from seed unless you can find them in a retail seed pack. In that case, they have already been pre-stratified. Asclepias curassavica is another species that are much easier to start from seed, since they are more tropical than Asclepias Tuberosas. The monarchs actually prefer the later.

bbblacksheep Level 4 Aug 11, 2018

Asclepias curassavaca is not recommended for northern climates. It does not harden off in preperation for dormancy, but grows continually til frost. This is bad for migrating Monarchs migrating South.
Tropical Milkweed prefers hot weather and sux up here as a host and nectar plant.
Tropical also a possible host for OE, the dreaded protozoa that causes gross deformity in adult Monarchs

@Leafhead Asclepias curassavaca is considered an annual here, but if the plants are cut down and the area heavily mulched, they almost always come back! The first time I grew them I yanked them all up in the fall, but missed a couple (which surprised me in the spring). I don't do that anymore smile001.gif


I got some growing from seed. HOw long does it take for them to bloom?

btroje Level 9 Aug 11, 2018

It depends on how late in the season you planted them. I plant my seeds in April and get first bloom toward midsummer. They bloom more robustly in second year, and mature in three.


Very pretty! Good picture.

RobinF Level 4 Aug 11, 2018

That's my kind of yellow!

AstralSmoke Level 8 Aug 11, 2018

Wow this is really beautiful and bright.

Sheannutt Level 9 Aug 11, 2018

Very pretty, good picture!

HippieChick58 Level 9 Aug 11, 2018


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