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Clearing out the weeds in my wild garden and I came across this - Spelt. I used spelt straw as cover for my garlic this winter and I guess there were enough stray grains to get some growth, I just love these 'finds'.
My wife commandeered it for a centerpiece which is fine as I have no intention of making spelt flour with it, too time consuming.

By Surfpirate8
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Nice. It's attractive as an arrangement.

Alvinsmama Level 8 Aug 12, 2018

Sure does make a lovely arrangement for any part of the room.

Sheannutt Level 9 Aug 12, 2018

That's my wife for you, I saw an interesting curiosity and she saw a center piece. Guess which one of us used to own an art gallery - hint, it wasn't me. smile009.gif

@Surfpirate she has an eye for decorating.


Very decorative! Like the clean lines. I eat spelt and use the flour for baking.

Spinliesel Level 8 Aug 12, 2018

I have baked with spelt because my wife likes it so I make a loaf now and then when I am baking bread. I didn't know you could eat the grain whole though, how do you prepare it?

@Surfpirate You can treat it l;ike brown rice. It is a form of wheat, so cook it like couscous. I am also going to try and make kheer ( Indian rice pudding) but with coconut milk and pustacio nuts.


That is way cool!!

HippieChick58 Level 9 Aug 12, 2018

It's the little surprises that make gardening interesting, even when the raccoons ate half my corn it was still interesting but I prefer these sorts of surprises more.

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