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Today is a good day to show some poppies.
The poppy is a symbol of remembrance and hope. Our garden has several different kinds. I let them seed and grow throughout our garden. I even take the seed heads and spread them around. The poppy makes a difference in any garden.
The red double flower poppy was difficult to get going. Once it started it spread to our backyard and is now one of the predominant poppies in our garden. I love the colour of its foliage.

flower_nut 7 Nov 11
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Thank you.


Very beautiful thanks for sharing them

Donto101 Level 7 Nov 11, 2018

You're welcome!
I'd like to thank everyone for a shared interest in the poppy.


I do exactly the same! I can't work out what makes them grow though: some years they do, and some not. Had some nice once this year. The orange Californian poppies always come back though: they're lovely.

OwlInASack Level 8 Nov 11, 2018

We've had no problem with California or Flore Pleno poppies. The red poppy is spreading everywhere. It likes our garden now and seems comfortable coming back for a few years now.
My concern is the perennial variety, they don't seed and can be fussy. That's why we only have one.


When I first moved to California in 1946 there were fields of the golden poppies everywhere. Little by little the bulldozers ate them all up.

OldGoat43 Level 8 Nov 11, 2018

The golden poppies are concentrated in our front centre garden. They would look awesome covering the landscape. Poppies open and close up at night. It's really cool to see this happen.


I have a friend who would love your garden, she is always senting out picturesof her poppies.

It's a special day for the poppy in Canada today. I don't use the plastic poppy, I grow real ones. I have so many photos of flowers I thought I'd share the poppy on Remembrance Day.


I love them all ... the Escholzia (California poppy) as well as the Papavers (Papaver somniferum, opium poppy). I'm guessing that pics numbers 5 through the end are all Papavers? their wonderfully silky, crinkly petals fascinate me. Long ago, in one of my gardens, I had this pink one ... pic is a close-up ... that furry middle section is like your pic no. 7 ...

dede18 Level 8 Nov 11, 2018

Your pink one will grow here I think, but we don't have it yet. We want a pink one for the backyard.
Great photo!
I know poppy number 5 is Papaver Atlanticum 'Flore Pleno'


Beautiful! Not sure I have adequate conditions. My roses are hogging what limited sun exposure I have. It is also very wet here, and a sweltering sauna in the summer. I do eventually plan to take out a strip of boring lawn I have along my front sidewalk and scatter bunches of mixed wildflowers, including some poppies. I will see what happoens.

Good for you. It sounds like your conditions aren't ideal for poppies. That's how my gardens end up, see what happens. It's a great idea.


Very beautiful. ... Here's a picture of a rose I like. ?

Thanks for that! I don't have any roses believe it or not. Is that weird for a gardener?

@flower_nut not really... To each their own..


I grow them every year! I have to plan a ton of seeds and just a few come back. It's a challenge!

SukiSue Level 8 Nov 11, 2018

We had a challenge, but when they get going they grow everywhere and I have to weed some out.
Number 7 is perennial for us. All the rest come back from seed.


I love poppies and your photos. For something that is said to be a common weed, I find that they can be hard to keep going in the garden, they are certainly pioneer plants liking turned disturbed ground best. If you wish to naturalize them then you need to save some seed, now and again, and sow it just to top up the natural regeneration. Other people on different soils to mine may not find it so, but this certainly seems the case where I am. Especially with the common red poppy and the Shirley hybrids. Can any of the US members tell me, do you have the Shirley Hybrids there?

Fernapple Level 8 Nov 11, 2018

Thanks! The yellow/orange California poppy has been coming back for 10 years now. It's a true pioneer in our garden.

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