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Does anyone else have Japanese Iris?
I was reminded today and want to share. smile001.gif

By flower_nut7
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Beautiful. It looks like a double version of a bearded iris. Must look into it!

CeliaVL Level 7 Nov 25, 2018

Some have fewer petals. As with all plants nowadays the hybrids are coming out more and more and look awesome. This is my local go-to plant specialist and he is one of the biggest producers of Japanese iris in eastern Canada.
If you order he will ship when it's ready in the spring and has great information on his website about the care of Japanese iris and daylilies.
When we first visited him for daylilies people would just show up to look at his gardens. Now bus tours book appointments with him to view his ever-expanding beautiful gardens.


Wow! These are beautiful! You just may convert me from the bearded varieties. What is the size of the flowers?

RussRAB Level 7 Nov 25, 2018

Roughly the same size as bearded iris and stand between 24 to 36 inches tall. The root ball is a tight circular pattern. These are more high maintenance than bearded iris and more difficult to split. I use a knife to cut through the root ball.


Amazingly beautiful! I don't have any of those. I do have some native blue flag Iris growing naturally by my pond area.

Artistlover Level 6 Nov 24, 2018

I wish to see a lake surrounded by these. My favourite is number 9 called Lake Effect.

@flower_nut next time they flower I will post a picture for you guys.


They are spectacular! Love the colors & patterns within the petals.

Heidi68 Level 8 Nov 24, 2018

We built a new smaller deck and added a garden. Some of the iris are very slow to get going and fussy to plant elsewhere.


They are beautiful. But I don’t grow a lot of flowers. I’m mainly concentrating on edible and medical plants right now. Would like to do some flowers later for the pollinators

Donto101 Level 7 Nov 24, 2018

Got you covered! My property is covered in flowers and the bees love them.


I had some, then when i thinned my Dutch and Japanese Irises, I ended up mixing the tubers and ended up giving most of them away.

glennlab Level 9 Nov 24, 2018

I have one Dutch iris that bloomed this year. Slow to grow but they're trying though. smile001.gif

@flower_nut Down here they are next to invasive, I had to thin them out about every three years or they would get overcrowded. The only other iris I had that grew fast was the Louisiana Iris that I had to divide twice a summer and just run the excess through the shredder and compost it. Root ball still weighed over 75 lbs before winter.

That sounds like flag iris that we have here. I took it out of our garden before it took over.

@flower_nut It was in my fish pond, so I could see how big it was getting and able to control it. The dutch and japanese iris were multiplying fine until 3 summers of successive droughts right after I had divided them. I'm down to about 20 dutch and 5 Japanese since their water requirement is so high. My dutch are at least 35 and my japanese are at least 22

Water makes them thrive and where they look natural.

@flower_nut Dallas is on the edge of the desert in the summer, so I'm going to more xeroscaping

We have to plant with our climate so great idea. Don't succulents do well in your climate? I think they look awesome with a wide variety I can't grow here.
The Japanese garden is very close to the water hose. This year we had very little rainfall so I hope it snows enough to compensate.

@flower_nut Some succulents do well as do cacti. I have several plants that are native that do well. passion vine, turks cap, privet that i use as the base . The passion vine acts as a a host to the butterflies and a nectar source. I have not watered it in 15 years.

I don't see any cactus or agave around my area so I love them. Especially some of the agave available. I like the size of 'blue glow' agave. Agave would replace the hosta we use here everywhere. Hosta are leafy and agave have spines. Looks like it might hurt to fall on one though. Hosta gives instant foliage throughout the season. If I can't use hosta agave would be my next best choice.
Passion vine is an excellent choice, please plant another one for me! You can send me a photo of how well it's doing.

@flower_nut they do well here, turks cap are the red flowers

@flower_nut I do succulents in pots, that way I can bring them in when it gets cold.

@glennlab Thanks for the photo!
If the passion vine does well plant more. Any succulents stay in the ground and come back year after year for me.
It's a good idea to have potted plants planted in your garden by the sound of it.



btroje Level 9 Nov 24, 2018

Care to elaborate on how many and how old they are?

@flower_nut not many and my alpacas may have eaten them a fe weeks ago. I live in a savage climate. I had a lot when I lived in INdiana though.

We started collecting 5 years ago. We have 9 planted in the same garden.


Beautiful, spectacularly beautiful!!

HippieChick58 Level 9 Nov 24, 2018

They take my breath away. They're also high maintenance but worth the effort for a flower nut.

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