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Along with outdoors gardening, I have also enjoyed house plants. I've grown cactus which are outside when it is warm enough in the Spring and they come in when the temperatures drop in Fall. I had a small collection of kalanchoe many of which would also go outside along with the cactus until they were all destroyed in a fire 2 years ago. I collected a few since then, but we have only been back in our house for just a little more than a year and it became obvious that many I'd previously purchased locally will need to be purchased on-line. I recently took an interest in African violets and some of their related family of plants. Along with a few other house plants, that pretty much makes up my collection along with a couple Phalaenopsis orchids. Sorry, I've been terrible about taking pictures and nothing is in bloom right now. I recently had great success with a small grow light and I'm looking forward to expanding to include more for more of my collection. It will take some work to clear a space and then purchase the lights I want.

RussRAB 7 Mar 2
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I used to have house plants, but now I have too many dogs and cats that like to dig.

EricJones Level 8 Mar 5, 2019

I am so done with African violets. Delicate assholes. Give me a Sansevieria (snake plant) any day.


I never bring outdoor plants indoors. Too many critters.


I loved having house plants. Then I moved into a house with only north or south facing windows, and the south windows are coated to deflect the sun. Then I got young cats. I now have 7 houseplants. 3 Sanseveria, one Swedish Ivy, and two Spider plant. It is a challenge to keep the kitties out of the dirt, the ivy and spider are up where they can't reach them.

I recall our contractor mentioning something about our new windows. Everything had to be brought up to code after the fire and the window panes had something to reflect heat. It must also reflect certain rays of light and my plants were showing the effects with smaller than normal leaves and slow growth. The grow light convinced me of it since the plants under the light are doing so much better.

@RussRAB Yes, when I changed out my dual-pane windows for up-to-date ones, the contractor looked at my plants and said "these guys are not going to like it" 🙂 He was right.

@dede18 Yes - unfortunately in order to get the benefit of the new energy efficient windows, we had to give up having luscious, thriving house plants. I still have them - they "survive" but they do not really grow much. The spath's are the exception - they do well in spite of the new windows. My poinsettas that I bought back in November for the Christmas holiday season are still alive and pretty....go figure! 🙂😉

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