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Planted last year in a tiny area I have behind my place. Bleeding heart, Foam flower, And Phlox

Hathacat 9 Apr 28
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Carin Level 8 Apr 29, 2019



Lovely. Sometimes a small space creates the best effect.

CeliaVL Level 7 Apr 29, 2019

It was a plot of ivy last year, lol, not a ivy fan!


That foam flower is beautifully delicate!

dede18 Level 8 Apr 28, 2019

Frothy little thing, isn’t it? Good name for it.


Great choice. We had a large 'bleeding Hart' plant. It likes the shade. Great plant for some liberals lol

JackPedigo Level 9 Apr 28, 2019

I suppose it will get bigger as it ages. I am happy to have it!

@Hathacat It will with the proper care and location. Our one plant got to about 3' height and width.


Beautiful! I have been eying maybe adding bleeding hearts to my back yard.

They like shade, so under a tree, or next to the house.

@Hathacat yep. My whole back yard is an understory meadow of 5 tall water oaks.

@MikeInBatonRouge mine is between two tall brick buildings!

@Hathacat talk about a microclimate! 😉


Gorgeous colors on those flowers.

I will be looking for more, for sure. Am waiting for the bearded iris to do their thing. I got a bunch last year and have forgot what kind I bought!


They are all beautiful.

freeofgod Level 8 Apr 28, 2019



Those look great! 🙂

Lavergne Level 8 Apr 28, 2019



Lovely !

Cast1es Level 8 Apr 28, 2019

Needs weeding some more, but I was happy to see anything, lol.


I love the Foam Flower, haven't seen it before, and they are all lovely!

I never grew it before. It was recommended by the nursery lady since I don't know what grows here!


I love Bleeding Heart. I used to call it "a liberal plant" and my ex would get angry. He was so Republican and had no sense of humor. But I still love Bleeding Hearts, I need to plant some.

I have never lived where it did well, so I am pretty happy it came back this year looking even better!

That's very funny. I always thought of them as old fashioned (in a good way).

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