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Today's crop of dried pears. There were enough in the dehydrator to fill a half gallon canning jar. With the use of the food sealer, they should keep as long as I want, or longer. Will need to do another load in the next couple days, as soon as the pears hit peak ripeness. Plan to freeze a couple bags (4 cups) of them to use in quick bread. Don't want to can any this year, still have plenty from prior years.

DotLewis 7 Sep 18
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Looks yummy.


Mmm... pear tart. 🙂

NoPlanetB Level 8 Sep 18, 2019

Sounds good, looks like a lot of work. 😟


What do you do with dehydrated pears?

Good question! I'm not a baker myself but that quick bread sounds really good!

I'd munch on them as a delightful snack ... yum!

Oh, they are delicious as a snack right from the jar. Drying intensifies the flavor and the sweetness. Of course, it also intensifies the calories so it is easy to overdo on them.

They would probably be very good in any baked goods that contained dried fruit. For the quick bread, I use fresh pears or frozen. They get mashed either way so the change in texture that comes with freezing is not a problem. The bread is much like a banana bread, sweet and moist but with a mildly pear flavor with cinnamon and nutmeg undertones.

If I have extra frozen on hand they are also a great addition to a kale smoothie. Better than fresh or canned as the frozen pears give an added boost of business to the smoothie. Very tasty!

@DotLewis and tasty recycled if the bread has gone stale by making into a bread custard pudding. The dried fruit chopped giving added texture.

@FrayedBear And I do love a good bread pudding!