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Perhaps sometimes you can do great things with just one plant. I visited this garden where they had a border of just Verbena bonarensis and it looked great, and just imagine the bees and butterflies it attracts when the day is warm.

Fernapple 8 Sep 22
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I concur with the beauty of a monoculture border...but that spike is definitely not Verbena bonarensis. If you google it and type in images...you get things like this;


Robecology Level 8 Sep 22, 2019

No it is not total monoculture, there is a bit of laburnum a spike of Echium and one or two other bits. I did think of editing and adding 'mainly' to the first line. But then I thought, no leave it simple and you might catch a pedant. LOL


Beautiful plant but what's that white on the ground, sand? Looks nice

Yes sand, its a pretend beach, though it is twenty miles from the sea.

@Fernapple does it have any pretend water? 😋😊

@Cutiebeauty There are also boats, lifebelts, surf boards, a pond which is trying hard to be the sea, an old rusting anchor, beach huts and a lifeguard tower, shown.

@Fernapple that's very nice!