People who enjoy growing their own food. Or taking care of their landscaping and gardens. Let’s try and keep politics to minimum here in this group unless it has something to do with agriculture or affect on planting and growing your own food.

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For anyone on the east coast of Florida, near Ft. Pierce this weekend; (October 19-20)....this is a real nice exhibition...and it's free. You won't find lower cost veggies already started...and our Bonsai collection is said to be the largest in the U.S.

....and for you Spelling/grammar astute out there...yes, refreshments is misspelled....


Robecology 8 Oct 15
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Sounds great. Would love to go. Slight geography issue, but I'm sure you'll take a load of photos and share them, right???? 😉

OwlInASack Level 8 Oct 15, 2019

I tend the "Children's garden" and the "Veggie Garden"...a small part of the modest 7 acre mini Ecosystem..there's a rainforest section, an ancient plants (cycads, bromeliads) section, a butterfly garden and our famous Bonsai garden.

@Robecology That’s fantastic!


You are still having garden events at this time of year ! ENVY.

Fernapple Level 8 Oct 15, 2019

Gardening pauses for the intensely hot summers down here in Florida; it's just getting started now (October)...the farm fields are just now planting veggie crops (beans, tomatoes, etc) although Mexico and California still have a big corner on the "winter vegetable" crops.