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We don’t have winter so hope these are cheering if you do.. bits of my garden in The Virgin Islands today-
oh so it's easy to load from iPhone but then they are all rotated left... sorry!
Vanilla pods, Bananas, chenille plant, beehive ginger, heliconia, coralita (invasive weed from Mexico)

Allamanda 8 Nov 17
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Ooh I'd about kill to be able to grow my own vanilla! lol

RavenCT Level 9 Nov 17, 2019

They look beautiful and very exotic.

JackPedigo Level 9 Nov 17, 2019

Soothing to see!




A tropical paradise

djs64 Level 7 Nov 17, 2019


Lavergne Level 8 Nov 17, 2019

Very lush and pretty!


And do you have something resembling seasons? I know from when I was in Liberia, that the effects of wet season and dry season were quite dramatic, not just on the physical world but in the emotional world. I think of winter as a time to go within. Is there anything in your climate that offers that? The pause that resets.

DavidDuhon Level 7 Nov 17, 2019

we do have seasons, but lately they are more subject to droughts which have altered the patterns, as do hurricanes. Basically the wind is NE trades most of the year, but they fall away in August to Nov, then come back strong as 'the Christmas winds' sometime from now to January. Nov to Mar is the main season for growing veg etc. as the days are upper 80's and nights upper 60's to 75. Summers it gets to upper 70's and 80's at night, nineties in day, rarely over 95F though. Rain is concentrated in May and October, but there's some all year round, especially in forested areas like mine.
There's no pause really in the northern sense - you learn to make it for yourself in other ways I think, at best. It's evidently not 'a thing' for those born and bred in the Tropics...

may I ask Dave, do you know about propagating vanilla orchids? About to wing it for the first time here... if I can get my nerve up!

@Allamanda have never had an orchid in my life--does it involve cuttings, division?

@DavidDuhon yes! mine needs to lose 6' or so so I have watched some Youtube videos etc. and think I can make about 8 or 10 'offspring'...

@Allamanda I suspect western european culture is filled with things that are adaptations to winter

@Allamanda so, cuttings of plant that lack roots---for hardwood cutting--say rosemary, I stip lower leaves before putting it in soil, bottom heat works miracles, and rooting hormones work--either the white powder, which is over the fence from organics, or you soak willow bark in water and that I am told is just as good. This is an adventure, not a test of competence or intelligence, lol. Be the plant--what happens in nature and how might you emulate it.

@Allamanda glancing about on line--as you have--looks like bottom heat and a medium that will stay moist but not get water logged. Sphagnum moss is mentioned, so peat moss may work, but is more acidic. And I have shifted from peat to coir which is renewable. for storing things, where it calls for peat moss I have used layers of newspaper and sawdust. Bottom heat, you might try putting your cuttings container on top of something like an ice chest with a small light in it, like a night light--used to do yogurt and tempeh this way but this would be your tray being the lid, and getting the bottom heat. When I did this commercially, I designed and built a closed loop solar bottom heat system that worked really well. beneath the growing area was sand, and then a chicken feed sack (to hold the sand from dribbling) and then gravel. heated air came up through the front glass panel, and I had black painted metal mesh in there for better efficiency. Then it went through the gravel beneath the plants, and then there was an insulated channel that brought the circulation air back to the bottom of the glazed channel in front.

@DavidDuhon very much so! and I do miss it, but as i've spent 2 decades out of 5.5 in Europe... I wonder if I will re-adapt?

@DavidDuhon I think it's this guy I was going with! 2 months ago before I got distracted... no need for heat here, and have to watch the caustic sap...

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