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Question: Anyone here familiar with frog fruit groundcover vine? I bought some seeds. Planted several in peat pots and placed under grow lights at roughly 70 degrees fahrenheit. After a month so far, nothing has sprouted. I don't know if the seed is bad, the grow lights too weak, the soil too wet, or dry, or they hate fall. Any ideas? I still have a lot of seeds. Wondering if I should just wait for last frost date next March and plant in open ground, or what. 🤔

MikeInBatonRouge 8 Nov 22
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Uncle Google says the seed sprouts quickly, like and can become an invasive weed because it sprouts and grow so easily. Maybe very old seed? Some seeds prefer dark for sprouting but it did not say for froggy here. It says even chopped up runners will sprout in the soil, so once you go over it with a lawnmower it may retaliate and bury your house in new growth. haha


went and read up on it, what colorful names it has! aka Turkey Tangle Frog Fruit ... see what i mean? (in the Verbena family).

dede18 Level 8 Nov 22, 2019

Wait until spring, Plant directly in the ground, it is almost indestructible. We planted it at my ex's house right next to her water feature.

glennlab Level 9 Nov 22, 2019

Yay! That's the kind of encouragement I was hoping for. 😊