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December roses: Easy Spirit.
Some years I manage to have a smattering of roses still blooming at Christmas. But this year we had an actual freeze in the mid-twenties back in mid-November, so the roses closed up shop.
Except....I had just bought 3 mailorder roses from Heirloom Roses, all leafed out own-root and looking somewhat cold-tender, so I repotted them rather than plant them directly in the ground. I will plant them next spring after their root systems are a bit bigger. This way I just pull the pots from the ground if a cold snap is coming and shelter them overnight. The bonus is that this beauty decided to put on a show over the last several days; still blooming now, a lovely blushing salmon pink.

MikeInBatonRouge 8 Dec 9
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How lovely! This weather is crazy! We had a pretty good freeze last week (or maybe it was the week before) but it has been in the 50s or 60s during the day.... my roses have all been trimmed back but I noticed new growth on a couple of them. Now they are calling for a chance of snow tomorrow night/Wednesday morning.

Heidi68 Level 8 Dec 9, 2019

Crazy here, too. Today it got up to close to 80, in Dec.! But it was in the upper 30s at night just a few nights ago. Whiplash!


a lovely one ... how about fragrance?

dede18 Level 8 Dec 9, 2019

Fragrance....not so much. Noses vary, and I never trust mine, but the write ups mention no scent. Fortunately I have numerous highly scented roses. On the plus side, in addition to blackspot resistance, it has not rain spotted at all, despite repeated days of hosing it down.


Well done!


It is beautiful !

Cast1es Level 8 Dec 9, 2019

I am impressed with this new variety. I haven't sprayed it for fungal disease at all in the past 6 weeks, and so far not a trace of blackspot. And I live in blackspot Grand Central.


Roses in December. How charming!

Oh yes, somehow I would not connect Baton Rouge with rose culture, more orchids, and mangroves. May I ask where in Germany you spent some time?

@Spinliesel Ah, Baton Rouge is orchids, azaleas and camellias and some citrus, mostly satsumas and lemons. Most orange varieties are not quite cold tolerant enough for successful fruit production here.
But roses are here, too. They just need to be heat tolerant varieties and either VERY blackspot resistant or else have growers willing to spray preventatively and often. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and started growing roses there. Moved to the gulf Coast over 30 years ago and had to re-learn gardening rythms and techniques. It is quite different here.
As for Deutchland, ich war Austauschschuler 6 Monaten in Hamburg und 6 Monaten in Seeheim, Kreiss Darmstadt. 1985-1986.

@MikeInBatonRouge It is fun to see what can be grown in a new climate area. My first two years in the US were spent reluctantly in southern Arizona, where I was introduced to concepts like gardening without water and the joy of cacti. I am being sarcastic. I had houseplants.
Roses are quite tough in the right environment, although I have one, la Reine des Violette, that seems to be resistant to all my gardening skills. I am going to have to transplant her to the vegetable patch, the only spot in the whole yard with more than a few hours of sunlight. Ich bin in Oldenburg zum Gymnasium gegangen und hatte viele schöne Stunden im Schlossgarten verwandelt. Oldenburg hat eine große Anlage von Rhododendron und Rosen, mitten in der Stadt.
I saw the same combination of rhododendrons and roses in Portland, a beautiful place.

@Spinliesel I have no interest in cacti either, lol. I hope to retire to western Oregon someday . Great gardening climate! Well, and socio-political climate, too.
The Portland Rose Garden is my favorite I have ever seen, far better than the American Rose Society Rose Center here in Louisiana...up in Shreveprt, 5 hour drive from me. Speaking of Schlossgarten, I just saw a documentary on the Buckingham Palace Gardens, a third of which is a spectacular rose garden. On my bucket list, gotta see that some day.
Your limited sun might actually the main challenge for your poor rose. 6+ hours a day is important. In hot climates like here, we can fudge that a little, but sun is still important, as is adequate water but good drainage. Roses seem picky, but if you give them a few key conditions, they perform well and can bloom much of the year.

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