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Corn coming along well.

Adorkable 6 May 3
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Let us know how it pollinates. I plant a denser stand and in multiple rows for best pollination.


Nice. With such a small number of plants do you have to hand pollinate?

@Adorkable Actually bees do not pollinate corn to take pollen to the corn silks, but they might steal some pollen sometimes. Corn like other tall grains is wind pollinated. So when I grew a small patch of 20 plants or so last year I got the pollen on my hands when it was ready and rubbed it on the corn silks so the corn ears would get fertilized well and the kernels filled out fully. But if this has worked well for you as they are that's great too.


My girlfriend wanted to grow corn

Donto101 Level 7 May 3, 2018