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Attn: bisexual men

The following was a comment I'd posted in the previous thread that I'm sharing here for more visibility.


For over a decade, my relationships were with women. I would tell them that I was bi, but I did the committed monogamy thing because that's what's expected in "proper" society.

I love the relative ease that being with another guy entails, physically and otherwise. There's just far less guesswork and likelihood for conflict.

I haven't been in a relationship with a man, however, so my experience in that particular area is limited. If you're a bisexual male, I'd like to know if you've found it easier being with men rather than women.

misternatureboy 7 Mar 12
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i ABSOLUTELY find it easier to be with a man...than a woman. We seem to have an unspoken understanding between us, PLUS i am HE takes the lead, if i don't like something he is doing, it's up to me to say stop. NO hassles...just pure sex. i've never been in a relationship with a man...but i have been caught a few times making it with a man. And people ALWAYS get the wrong impression...but...i LOVE sex with you said...there's less likelihood for conflict. i consider myself bi, but i have not been with a woman in...MANY years...many. i actually wonder sometimes if i should consider myself gay...but women STILL turn me on...SOME women. And FORGET a...SHEMALE...they just turn me on completely.


I now consider myself pansexual, which in my opinion is about the same as being bisexual, but with more depth. From my perspective, emotionally, same sex relationships are not terribly different than hetero relationships on a personal level, your are still sharing the same feelings, however on a public level I do think same sex relationships perhaps require a bit more commitment. A man and a woman can walk down the street holding hands and no one gives it a second thought, or even notices, for that matter, but if 2 men are going to walk down the street holding hands, they have to know that many people are going to take note, and will quite probably pass some form of judgment on them. Whether or not the couple cares will depend on the strength of their relationship, but it is something a straight couple never even has to consider.
As for monogamy, that is something I prefer in a serious relationship whether my partner is male or female; not because society dictates it, but simply because it is easier to maintain an honest, open, close relationship. If, on the other hand, sex is the primary basis of the relationship, then monogamy really doesn't matter so much, as long as all parties are careful, from a health perspective.


It’s just different, your radar is up depending on the setting. I knownon trips with my boyfriends of the past I just had a different feeling in public. In private I find little diffemce with who I’m with I like to snugggle, kiss hold hands the same way.


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RavenCT Level 9 Mar 12, 2019

I’m curious about conflating the relationship with a man and the idea that a relationship with a woman requires monogamy. Many women don’t require monogamy in relationships. You may want to read about open relationships. Tristan Taormino’s “Opening Up” is a good book.

UUNJ Level 8 Mar 12, 2019

Relationships take work. It matters not the gender of those involved. The more partners one has, the harder each individual relationship is to manage but I haven't found men to be "easier".

Nukdookum Level 8 Mar 12, 2019

There’s little different between being in a relationship with either.

Prescott Level 5 Mar 12, 2019
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