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It’s tempting

Rudy1962 9 Sep 25
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blue paint works too, and home depot will color match it for you (Add Japan drier for quick dry)

glennlab Level 9 Sep 25, 2020

I know the two signs in my town that will get this treatment right after they (hopefully) go down on 11/3.

Thanks for my first LOL of the day!

Robecology Level 9 Sep 25, 2020

my pleasure


going to the dollar store to buy a shitload of sharpies

joeandbarb Level 7 Sep 25, 2020

What did it say originally?

FrayedBear Level 9 Sep 25, 2020

Make America great again

@MrChange thanks. You probably helped a lot ofnon Americans. 😁👍

@FrayedBear sorry. I am guilty of focusing a lot of my memes on American situations.

@Rudy1962 no need to apologize but please remember that 95% of the world population need explanation to comprehend.

@FrayedBear I will try to remember to do that. I have been thinking lately I am limited. I rarely focus on local or world politics. I pretty much stick to national politics m. To be honest though, I’m not thinking I’m going to change. Hard to teach an old dog new tricks and my mind can be stubborn.

@Rudy1962 Not asking you to change your interests just asking you to realise thaf if you empower more people you will make more mates.

@FrayedBear yah I got sidetracked there.

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