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To Serve Man

Surfpirate 9 Nov 27
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Is he calling me a turkey? 😛


I doubt they'd roast us like a duck or a pork at a beach party in Hawaii.
Much more likely they would process us, like chicken nuggets, each mixed in with tissue from hundreds of other individuals.

Long Pig BBQ - sounds like a delicacy.

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Posted by scurryI ❤ Fruit. and bacon!

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Posted by Lizard_of_AhazPoor Mario...

Posted by Lizard_of_AhazPoor Mario...

Posted by jeshueyThen again, who built those instruments?

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Posted by scurryWhat fuckery is this!??

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Posted by MichelleGar1Simple solution to this problem! LMAO!!!

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Posted by Heather2367Don't lick that!

Posted by glennlabFairy tales revisited

Posted by glennlabNon political awh shit

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