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The amount of wrong here is amazing. Gets the wrong definition of atheist. Speaks of infinite or absolute knowledge which no sane person claims. Claims to know attributes of this supposed god. & he probably thinks he actually made a point. I don't know who this guy is, but if he is one of the top theist apologists they're in worse shape than I thought!

phxbillcee 9 July 26
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Logic and reasoning is never strong in any theist.

anglophone Level 8 July 28, 2021

That’s what happens when one has a belief and then bends logic to try and make it fit the belief

Rudy1962 Level 9 July 28, 2021

You made me waste eyesight on that


Was he trying to violate every rule of logic in just one sentence?

jeshuey Level 8 July 27, 2021

Saw this on Facebook. If you know the simple language breakdown of the term "Atheist" ( a = not, Theist = follower, or believer in a god, or superpower, or unseen, unknown "force" ) Then you comprehend that it's not only philosophically possible but the stronger, more evidence-based position.

Robecology Level 9 July 27, 2021

That's why I'm agnostic.

BD66 Level 8 July 26, 2021

I concur; it's a more "skeptical" more "scientific" approach to religion and theism.


Each of us are infinitely more powerful than any God of any religion that ever existed, since none of the deities ever actually existed, not one.

The stories are fun, like me identifying a lot with Marvel’s Loki. It may seem religious but it’s fan adoration, I had a similar sense of identity with Spock. I relate to alienated and misunderstood characters that display character. You can’t be odd and not get it.

Christians should do the fan adoration of beatnik Jesus and give us Loki variants a break.


Philosophically, I could be a fart heading in his general direction.
Don't think he understands philosophy.

powder Level 8 July 26, 2021
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